Hyperborean Yoga For Women

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Original Article, mainly focused towards my female audience:

Stadhagaldr or Runic Yoga is an active meditation that encompasses various Hyperborean runic postures and gestures. The intent of these exercises is to allow total identification with the Futhark runes that will reawaken the ancestral blood memory and improve the physical fitness and overall health of our people. With correct posturing and form, the individual will become a receptacle of Vril, receiving and transmitting the light from the Black Sun through the eternal Green Ray. During a particular runic posture, we should visualize and actually feel ourselves becoming embodied and completely united with the runes.​
All of the Stadhagaldr postures have transcendental importance, such as the Ur rune that closely resembles the “Downward-Facing Dog” that provides a healing and calming effect on the individual, giving us strength and the ability to harness Vril energy. Perhaps the most fulfilling posture is the Algiz (life rune) pose that should be practiced in an outdoor environment, with your body facing towards the sun and allowing the radiating solar energy to renew and purify your spirit. One should learn the correct pronunciations of each letter and chant them during the practice, similar to the word “Aum” used by religions of the Orient. Allow the names of the runes to vibrate throughout your entire body, losing complete awareness of your surroundings. The same deep and controlled breathing techniques used in Vedic Yoga should be implemented in Stadhagaldr. Try practicing these different postures until you become proficient with the basics and attempt to hold them for as long as possible.​
Aside from a rewarding meditation practice, Stadhagaldr can also improve your balance, poise and flexibility. Stadhagaldr should be practiced primarily by women and can be easily implemented into your current exercise routine. Modern Vedic Yoga should be avoided, since it is devoid of any higher spiritual value and has degenerated into another “new-age”, nihilistic fitness fad. Modern Yoga is completely ignorant of the higher meanings in religion and spirituality, all forms of asceticism or spiritual discipline, and is another symptom of the Kali Yuga that embraces the “cult of the self”, sheer narcissism and pervasive materialism.​
The original form of Yoga was originally bestowed to us by the ancient Hyperborean race during their journey to Asia. Yoga was later preserved for thousands of years by the ruling Aryan-Brahmin caste of India. Due to the Christianization and loss of folk traditions in Europe, Stadhagaldr is no longer as systemically profound as traditional Vedic Yoga. However, different forms of Stadhagaldr are still practiced as a folk custom in Iceland and parts of Scandinavia.​

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