Hyperborean Meditation for Beginners

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The objective of my previous articles about asceticism was to recognize that there cannot be an internal spiritual life without first purifying our external life and physical body. One cannot reach spiritual enlightenment if they have not first overcome the pleasures of the flesh. Your body is a temple, treat it like one! There can be no inward journey without an exterior foundation to support it. Even the slightest ascetic efforts will put you leagues above the contemporary individual that embraces shallow, spiritually empty “new-age” beliefs that are completely ignorant of such practices. Spiritual enlightenment derives from an austere and disciplined lifestyle, and are the essential pillars of authentic spirituality. I cannot overstate this enough.

Now, the first meditation that we will practice is a very basic visualization meditation.

The symbol we will meditate on is the Schwarze Sonne or “The Black Sun”. The Schwarze Sonne is an ancient Hyperborean solar symbol that was adopted by the Frankish Merovingian dynasty in the 5th Century. The Schwarze Sonne incorporates the sun wheel, the swastika and the stylized Sig rune all in the same symbol. The Schwarze Sonne has had ritualized significance for all those that adopted it, using it to turn man into “Sonnenmensch” or sun-Man, a man that will soon reclaim his or her Godhood.


Unceasingly meditating on the Schwarze Sonne will lead to the complete identification of the symbol that will lead to a subjective realization of what the Schwarze Sonne truly represents. This exercise will not be simply limited to calming our untamed minds or controlling our restless thoughts, but will illuminate our inner being and grant us the knowledge of the Hyperborean Black Sun, whose true meanings have been lost since the fall of the first Hyperborea.
Ideally, we should meditate in a cell or a small closet-like area that will inhibit any distractions. One must approach meditation with the correct mindset as well. The individual should view meditation as a doorway, an opportunity to reestablish oneself with those of “the most high”. Our goal is a direct experience with the divine. It may be difficult to concentrate at first, but even the most short-lived meditations are appreciated by the White Gods and contribute to our spiritual enlightenment.

One may meditate seated or laying down, but it is imperative that you maintain a straight spine at all moments. Extravagant or challenging poses are not necessary, simply make yourself comfortable. Sit down “Indian style”, with your legs interlocked in a comfortable position and simply rest your hands on your thighs. Perhaps lie down, but do not fall asleep. Listening to ritualized or ambient music can also enhance your practice. Tibetan and Vedic chants, Lustmord’s “Hersey” album, and various other dark ambient albums are highly recommended.

Now, with both eyes closed, gently lift your gaze towards the center of your forehead, slightly above the junction of the eyebrows. Many traditions refer to this as the “Third Eye”, while others call it the pineal gland, ajna, crown chakra, or brow. Your attention will be solely focused in this area throughout the duration of the meditation.

Now, visualize a black Schwarze Sonne and concentrate on its center, without being as focused on how many arms (12 Sig Runes) there are around it. The Schwarze Sonne is actually GREEN in color, representing the non-existent and pure Vril energy, the life Force that fills the universe and crosses through the black sun towards our original homeland of Hyperborea.
Always be mindful of your breath. Inhale easily through your nose and exhale with a closed mouth. With each breath you take, visualize the Schwarze Sonne gradually becoming more illuminated in green light. Your breath makes the symbol become more powerful as it radiates above you, filling your body with the energy of the Green Ray. Your exhalations do not reduce its illuminating power, but preserves it until the very next inhale.

After you start feeling yourself go into a trance, visualize the Schwarze Sonne slowly turning counter-clock wise, in a perfectly fluid and natural motion. The arms never turn against each other, they always turn away from one another in a fluid-like motion. Similarly, the right-faced swastika always turns counter-clock wise, while the left-facing swastika always turns clockwise.
Completely direct your mind towards this symbol and concentrate on it entirely. Do not let your thoughts of the day and concerns in life affect you. Focus only on the Black Sun. The moment a thought enters your mind, quickly recognize and disperse it.
Remain this way for as long as you feel comfortable. “Breathless states” may occur and can be quite frightening, since it closely resembles the death state.

As Miguel Serrano instructs us:

"If you let yourself go, if you do not rebel on this threshold of death, you will be resurrected… But first you will have to die, to let yourself drop into death, in this loss of physical consciousness to awake with another consciousness in your astral body. It is like passing from the golden sun to the black sun, through this mystical death into another light, perhaps of a green colour, in the Green Thunderbolt.”
Other phenomena might be experienced as well, possibly demonic in origin that originates from the forces of the Demiurge.

Novices should meditate no longer than 15-25 minutes to start. As you progress, start going as long as possible. I will be practicing this alongside you. Feel free to comment or contact me regarding any questions you may have. My next article will focus on the symbolism and history of the Schwarze Sonne.

Until we meet again...
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I've read about this technique before....


I have no knowledge of this technique. This article was an attempt to adopt Serrano's occultism with practical meditation practices, in hope of identification with the Black Sun.


Serrano's occultism makes a lot of sense.