Former Navy Seal killed by former Marine at Texas gun range

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The victim:

The suspect:
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When I heard the story the Kyle guy's name sounded familiar, and I remembered some kind of Jesse Ventura connection, so I googled.... and sure enough, this is the guy that Ventura sued last year. Kyle claimed in his book that he knocked Ventura out at some bar for "disrespecting veterans", yet apparently many former military guys backed up Ventura's defamation claim:
Original story:

Current update:


Kyle comes off as an opportunist and weasel... it will be interesting to see details behind this shooting.... the military will certainly have their damage control teams out on a full court press to stifle any new developments.
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Interesting that Paul would make such a brazen public statement... I disagree though, I don't find anything wrong with going to the shooting range to cheer the guy back up. Supposed to be a great stress reliever.

I think it might have been something personal the guy had against Kyle, and if that's the case-- if he has some dirt to air out, then the DOJ will likely offer him a plea deal to keep his mouth shut and keep his life. Then it goes down in the newspapers as just another lunatic incident.
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I oppose the shooting solely on the basis of racial physiognomy.

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Croatia is considered a world leader in the research and study of vets with PTSD. There have been over 1,000 suicides in the past 20 years amongst vets, a huge number for such a small country.

The last thing anyone should do with a guy suffering from what is reported to be PTSD is to place him in a situation that would trigger memories from his time in combat.

I personally dealt with a few vets who came here after the war, and they did what many in Croatia do; medicate with MDMA. It has helped many.

Nic, are there any theories to explain such an unusual prevalence of PTSD? Is Croatia in general a highly suicidal country?


I'm aware of the war, I was curious about the unusually high amount of suicide among the veterans. Unless I was mistaken in my reading of the post and the high number of suicides was not actually unusual in ratio (relative to the number of veterans in the population)?