Jews negotiate to sell synagogue in Berlin during WWII

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Wait, weren't they all being hunted down and gassed in Germany at the time?


[...]But then I come across this, an excerpt from the history of the Rykestrasse Synagogue in Berlin, written by a former Head Rabbi at that institution. (Hermann Simon (Die Synagoge Rykestraße (1904–2004) , Berlin: Hentrich & Hentrich and Stiftung Neue Synagoge Berlin / Centrum Judaicum, 2004, (Jüdische Miniaturen; vol. 17)).


“The Jewish school in the front building was forced to close in 1941. However, the Jewish community formally remained proprietor of the site. In May 1942 the borough of Prenzlauer Berg declared its will to acquire the site paying the ridiculous sum of reichsmark 191,860 and with effect of 1 September 1944 the site was conveyanced to the borough. When on 6 May 1943 the Jewish community applied at the Gestapo for a sale permission, since all its property was under custodianship as were any sales proceeds, it named the Heeresstandortverwaltung I Berlin (German Army garrison administration no. I) as the tenant of all the site, except of two little apartments in the front building still rented out to residential tenants.”

So here we have,

in the middle of World War II ,
the Jewish community ,
with the Gestapo ,
for the sale of their synagogue,
which happens to be down the road from Hitler’s HQ .

Bob Dylan Roof

I thought all of the jews were expelled and gassed by 1944. But someone "conveyanced" the building to the jewish community.

The comments at the blog include other stories about jews living in Berlin throughout the war. I guess the Hitler never solved the JQ.