Israel bombs Syria

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Israel Attacks Syria, Adding Complexity to Syrian Civil War

Fresh off of weekend claims by Vice Premier Silvan Shalom that Israel was considering attacking Syria, they did exactly that, sending warplanes through Lebanon into Syrian territory and launching air strikes that killed two people.

Exactly what was hit, who was killed, and why the attack was launched at all remain matters of intense speculation, and with Israeli officials refusing any comment on their attack, conflicting stories from Syria and the United States are being pushed.

The US claims that Israel attacked an “arms convoy” en route to Lebanon, carrying Russian-made anti-aircraft weapons to the Hezbollah faction, which would make Israeli attacks in Lebanon less convenient.

Syria, on the other hand, claims that the attacking warplanes struck a military research facility near Damascus, killing two workers and wounding five others. They accused Israel of doing so to aid the rebels.

Experts say that whatever was hit likely had nothing to do with Syria’s chemical weapons program, which Israeli officials have often cited as a likely target. Such an attack would’ve caused massive environmental damage and would’ve been readily confirmed.

Whatever the case, the attack will have a major impact on Syria’s civil war, complicating the conflict and adding credence domestically to Assad’s claims of a Western conspiracy against him. Though it is highly unlikely Israel launched the attack in coordination with Syria’s Islamist rebels, the perception of an Israeli role in the war for regime change could shift popular opinion both in Syria and in the various nations from which Islamist fighters are flocking.

niccolo and donkey Angocachi -- what's your take on this? (and plz flag others if they occur to you, not familiar enough with the crowd here (yet) to know who that is.)
Hezbollah is in danger if Assad falls. The Syrian coast is also in danger if Assad falls. Iran may deploy the Pasdaran to Lebanon and Syria. If the KSA can move on Shia rebels in Yemen and Bahrain to protect Sunni proxy regimes, then Iran will move into the Shia Levant. Revolutionary Egypt has opened the Suez Canal to the Iranian Navy after Mubarak kept it closed to them for the duration of his reign.

Apparently Assad is making deliveries to Hezbollah, and Israel bombed him for it. I have no doubt that the IDF will pounce on Hezbollah shortly after Damascus has fallen to the Syrian Revolt. By blocking Assad's aid to Hezbollah now, they make them weaker for later.

But once the Pasdaran is in the Shia Levant, it will be perfectly poised to prop up Hezbollah and the Alawite rump state... and act as a direct deterence/provocation to an IAF strike on Iran itself. Egypt and Turkey will back Hamas in Gaza and the new Ikhwani-Qutbi state in Sunni Syria, while Salafis flood into the Sinai. We will see a race between Turkey, Iran, and the Arabs to assail Zion... Shia and Sunni vying in how many rockets they can fire and how close to major Israeli cities and military bases they can get them, how many cross border raids they can launch, how many training camps they have South of the Litani and East of the Suez.