Islamist Wave 2013 - Overview & Updates

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A thread for general Islamist and Jihadist articles and such for the next year.

I've wanted a place to keep track of developments on this for a while, follow various Jihadist insurgencies, attacks, and Islamist political gains/losses. For example, if Ikhwan wins an election, Zawahiri is killed, or a bomb goes off in Moscow... it'll get posted here.

Here's a map and key for global perspective.

Red: Places with a Sunni Muslim majority where someone has been killed by a Sunni Jihadist since January 1, 2013. Involves conflict zones like Syria (hundreds or thousands killed) and simmering regions like Kashmir (a handful or a few dozen killed).

Yellow: States with a Sunni Islamist party as the ruling party; Turkey, Tunisia, Malaysia, Tunisia, Gaza, and Egypt.

Yellow-Green: States with a Sunni Islamist party as the parliamentary majority but the country remains a monarchy; Jordan & Morocco.

Green: Places with a Sunni Muslim majority that have experienced no deaths at the hands of Sunni Jihadists this year, nor is a Sunni Islamist party the ruling party or parliamentary majority.

Light Green: Places with a non-Muslim majority but Sunni Muslim majority enclaves.

Purple: Places with a Shia Muslim majority.

Light Purple: Places with a non-Muslim majority but Shia Muslim majority enclaves.

Orange: Places with an Ibadi Muslim majority.

White: Places with a non-Muslim majority and no majority Muslim enclaves.

I should note that Darfur, the western third of Sudan, is run by an Islamist militia called JEM, which is responsible for defending the indigenous Fur tribes against Bashir's encroaching Arab Janjaweed over the last decade.
Aceh, the western-most province of Indonesia, has some autonomy and is run by an Islamist party/ex-militia complete with Shariah courts, called GAM.
West Java, Indonesia's most populous province, has Shariah courts but their authority is weak and contested.
Saudi Arabia and Jordan have Shariah courts but Salafis dismiss them as subverted by the monarchy... which they are.
Oman and Iran are the only non-Sunni states with Shariah.


Note that Saud is being sandwiched by Qutbis, Ikhwanis, and revolutionary Irani-backed Shia. It's a scary view from Riyadh in 2013.

Boko Haram is operating, with bloody hands, in Northern Nigeria and Northern Cameroon.

Salafis, led by Al Qaeda and Ansar Al Dine are running an insurgency in Azawad (North Mali) and Southern Algeria, fighting France and whatever allies they pull in.

As Shabaab is fighting in Southern Somalia against the AU, primarily Ethiopia, Uganda, Burundi, etc. and they're fighting in Northern Kenya where the majority is Somali.

In Libya, Cyreniaca, Fezzan, Misrata, and the Nafusa Mountains are held by Islamist militias while Tripoli is governed by NATO proxies.

Al Qaeda is fighting in Yemen and holds the eastern half, mainly along the coast.

Salafis including Al Nusra and Al Qaeda, as well as former regime elements like the FSA continue to battle and riot in the Sunni parts of Iraq and Syria against their Iranian backed Shia overlords. There is growing talk of a movement to join them in a new state, name it Mashriq... leave Southern Iraq and Coastal Syria to the Shia and erase that old colonial border.

Fatah Al Islam and Al Qaeda are continually building in Sunni Lebanon, especially in the Palestinian camps. Again, aiming to throw off Western and Shia-Iranian hands.

The Taliban holds the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, constantly in conflict with Karzai, NATO, and whoever the CIA has stationed in Islamabad.

Kashmir is a simmering zone, Pakistani and Indian soldiers killing each other in border skirmishes, Jihadists and Indian security forces clashing, and sectarian murders this year.

The Russian Caucasus, especially Dagestan, Chechnya, and Ingushetia are similarly warm with low level Jihadist activity.

Malays in the Pattani region continue to violently resist Thai rule, with covert Malaysian support.

Moros in Bangsamoro flipping the flips, and killing them.

Bangladesh has seen a number of Jihadist linked murders this year and the Islamist party has been rioting this week, with bombs.



First let's establish that Al Arabiya is the voice of the Saudi family, foremost, and of the elite of Arab secular society secondly.

Now from Al Arabiya's website...
The Saudi Monarchy hates the Salafi presence in Syria and has banned supporting them. I post this for niccolo and donkey especially. There has never been a pro-Salafi agenda by the Saudi monarchy, at least you must concede that in Syria. Their entire history has been an effort to roll back and water down Salafism in Arabia and elsewhere so that they are unhindered by Shariah in their business dealings and lifestyle.
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Secondly, an article from Tunisia. The new government there is accused by the Salafis of being Islamist only in name, as are all Democratic Islamist governments today; Turkey, Malaysia, Gaza, Egypt. The Qutbists want real Shariah now and they're scaring our author here...
President Camacho

Reminds me of a Hezbollah fighter's comments about the Saudis in that Vice article; surprisingly the Hezzie had a grudging respect for the Israelis despite fucking with them near the DMZ, but had nothing nice to say about the Saudis:

Paintballing With Hezbollah

While Al Nusra fights in Syria, just over the border Al Qaeda is doing this in Iraq...

Warning: A lot of guys being shot to death, blood and bodies


Ahmadinejad & Morsi Together in Cairo, Following Morsi's August Visit to Iran... Cozy Relations Not Since 1979.


When Sunni Syria is out of Assad's hands, but the FSA and Al Nusra can't advance into Alawite and Christian territory, Egypt and Iran will broker a ceasefire, perhaps even send in troops to man a buffer zone. Iran representing the Assadist Shia & Christians, and Egypt representing the Ikhwanis & FSA. Turkey isn't a negotiating partner for the Syrian regime given it's violent dedication to overthrowing it, and Al Nusra will be shut out of talks and told to run candidates instead. Hamas will stand as an example of Ikhwanis in good graces with the Irano-Syrian Axis, and they will conspire together against Israel and the GCC Monarchs. Salafis will be provoked to compete with the Ikhwani-Shia alliance for the minds and support of ordinary Sunni Arabs everywhere, which they can only do by challenging Ikhwan on the Shariah question, tolerance for Israel, and submission to the West. To keep its Islamist base and government seats, Ikhwan will have to take a harder line on Islamic law, Palestine, and America. Ikhwan will also have to keep in step with the Iranians on anti-Zionism, anti-Americanism, and Islamism.

Let's see what Saud's News Channel is saying,

One snide comment about Ahmadinejad being sidelined, emphasizing that Egypt has promised not to hurt GCC security,suggesting that the Syrian conflict is an obstacle to Morsi-Ahmadinejad rather than an opportunity, as Iranian papers are painting it.

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In Cairo, Ahmadinejad had a shoe thrown at him.

A video demonizing Shia, Iran, Assad, etc. It features clips of torture, beatings, and an anti-Shia historical narrative. It also features interviews and articles in an attempt to prove the Shia Axis as an enemy to Sunni, for example, a TV clip with a prominent Shia suggesting that they will have to make a pact with Israel if they continue to grow apart from the Sunni, and Israeli commentators insisting that it is in their best interest that Assad doesn't fall.

Al Qaeda executing some people in Syria, skip to 7:47.


I'm reading a book on the Iran-Iraq war, and was struck that the largest Arab supporters of Iran were Syria and Libya... with the Gulf States, the USA, and the West generally against Iran.

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If Idlib falls to Al Nusra, it will cause panic in the Alawite-Christian Coast and a great international consternation. It could cause the US to back away completely, leaving only Turkey & the GCC fiddling about with the FSA.

What's most promising for the Salafis is that the FSA (Sunni defectors from Assad's military) are not disowning Al Nusra, but rather bowing to it.

In many past Muslim insurrections, such as in the Soviet-Afghan War, the Balkan Wars, Bangsamoro, the Ciscaucasus Wars, Somalia and most wherever Jihadis have fought they have only been supplements to a larger secularist force and asked to go home and shut up once the conflict resolved, not given a place in administrating the country they fought.

In the case of Afghanistan, Somalia, and the Ciscaucasus, the Islamists came back with vengeance once the secularist forces dissolved against each other as the Afghan Seven Party Alliance and Somali militias did, or turned over to the old enemy as Kadyrov did. In the Balkans the Islamists were locked out for good, and in Bangsamoro the Jihadis are only kept around by the secularist Moro autonomous government to threaten Manila into compliance.

What the Salafis managed to do in Iraq was to completely eclipse the secularist faction so fully that the secularists actually surrendered their insurrection and ran to the US for help against their Shariah overlords. In Mali, during the Azawad uprising, the Islamists turned the tables on the secularist MNLA for once and told them there will be no independent Azawad, but the entirety of Mali would have Shariah, and then onto Mali's neighbors!

Syria is incredible in that we finally have an insurrection in the Muslim world that is dominated by the Salafis early on. Not as tagalongs, sidekicks, or useful mercenaries, but as the core and head of the rebellion. It beats even Libya in the promise it poses to the Salafist Jihadi Wave, they won't have to contend with the FSA as Islamist militias were/are forced to contend with the NATO proxy state in Tripoli.