Natural Habitat of Mankind; and, does the White Race Exist?

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Bronze Age Pervert

I have some comments of my own, but first consider this, from Schopenhauer; note that with him, I agree the white race is superior, although I don't think it "exists" in a strict sense. This passage is very interesting for a lot of reasons anyway:

Now this is interesting for a lot of reasons, but since we were talking about climate preferences in shoutbox, I wanted to add it because of that; and also to say that I'm tired of hearing about all of this "I like the cold weather" stuff, I find it to be an affectation, and not real. You're not actually adapted to live in extreme cold, and would die without shelter, whereas the climate in the tropics or the Med will never kill you just through seasonal change. You can also think about this with comparison to animals that ARE actually native to the cold. For example arctic animals, or even dogs bred to work and live in snow; when these animals are put in tropical climates they become miserable or die. But I've never seen a white person miserable in the tropics in that same biological way, or more so than the natives there, who also become uncomfortable when the heat really becomes very oppressive (and oppressive even to the animals adapted to live there). Maybe it happens, maybe whites are slightly better adapted to live in the cold, but the effect is very slight. White and Asian populations don't do badly in hot weather, and their ability to thrive and succeed in hot climates is not just because they're able to use technology and shelter. In fact I think Germanics can become very vigorous in hot climates and become more powerful and attractive, and I can give the example of Anglos in Texas and the South, in Australia, and in South Afreaka, who seem much more impressive physically than their cousins in England. Or the ancient Vandals who founded a violent pirate kingdom in Carthage; tan blond Germanic warrior founding pirate kingdom and bringing terror on the blue Med, terrorizing Nic's cousins. U mad Nic?

Anyway, I understand the argument that people should inhabit the areas of the world where it is hard to live, to inhabit also volcanoes, and so on, as a testament to will; but I can't agree with the idea that whites (or azn) are especially well-adapted to live in the cold or that this is their natural environment.

And for this and other reasons, I agree with Schopenhauer above that the classification of races by skin color is not good; and with a lot of the other things he says.

Whites and Northerly Asians have many adaptations for living in cold, gloomy climes that tropical races do not... and that put them at a disadvantage in the tropical regions.

Lighter pigmentation allows for more vitamin D production with less UV, which is ciritical, but allows skin aging, burning, and cancer in the sunny zones. Flat hair preserves heat, kinky hair gets rid of it. The different limb and torso proportions of northerly populations preserve heat. Thinner lips, smaller or sharper noses and nostrils, this preserves heat and keeps the respiratory system warm. The different fat distribution northerly races have compared to tropicals gives them an advantage in the north and a disadvantage in the south, again, heat preservation vs distribution. There are many more benefits northern races have that tropical races don't, that become disadvantages when they're thrown in alien lands.

Whites have, since the end of the ice age, been moving away from gingerism. Out of the Baltic the ability to turn pale in the winter, but then develop a deep golden tan in the summer, has been advantageous to them... they can get their UV when it's in short supply and then produce the melanin to protect their skin from radiation when the sun returns. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of the British Isles unaffected by Scandinavian, Norman, Roman, etc genetic inflow they're still in large ratio untanning, freckly, redheads.

Niccolo and Donkey
I was being considerate, not wishing to interrupt any gay escapades he might be on.

A bit simplistic don ' t you think ? I can definitely agree on the whole skin pigmentation thing and the strength of the sun depending on what part of the globe you are in, but to base all our racial differences merely on a matter of hot or cold... it just does not swing. For example, there are certain skull shapes found amongst some types of Europeans that are just non ‐existent amongst the lot of tropical or jungle peoples, that you do not really find much if at all in other cold climate peoples either... There are many things you might find amongst a race in one climate zone in a part of the world you do not find in a similar climate zone in a similar part of the world. There is more to the story.
You're right, it's not just hot or cold. The moisture of the air, the oxygen and gas composition of the air, the degree of UV radiation, amount of precipitation and cloud cover, whether it is a desert or tundra or heavily vegetated, even the prevalence of mosquitoes and viruses and the diet and fresh water available to the people account for racial differences. Also, the degree of seasonal change in any of these variables makes a difference in features. A place that snows over in the winter and goes green in the summer will produce different traits than a place that remains the same all year.

As for European skull shapes, they're long skulled in the South and North, while round skulled wherever there are mountains, like the Alps, Pyrenees, and Balkans. The same is true of the other parts of the world. If you overlay a topographic map with a map of cephalic indexes, high elevation equals brachycephaly.
Bob Dylan Roof

Before I respond, I would like to make clear that I regard the following statement as a personal attack:


Now, the rest of post adds some interesting points, but taken in conjunction with the Schopenhauer quote, I'm not convinced that the point you're making is entirely coherent. I think there is a confusion here, stemming from Schopenahuer's latent Platonism, about what adaptation means, and about what the human species is; but the point you're trying to make, as far as I can tell, is that the tropics are our natural home, where we can survive without technology, whereas cold climates are not natural. I don't agree with this.

Schopenahuer says that the skin color of the original humans was black. The first bipedal hominids had light skin with dark fur, which means that anatomically modern humans had to leave the rain forest and evolve dark skin in the sun, on open plains like the Serengeti. This doesn't mean that they evolved in cold weather, but it does mean that brown skin was actually an adaptation equivalent to the evolution of white skin.

Schopenhauer clearly states that white skin in Europeans is a result of adaption to a colder, harsher climate. In addition to Angocachi's posts, we may add body fat distribution, pathogen resistance, respiratory system development, and numerous differences related to endocrine system development. Humans are actually adapted to live wherever they've adapted to live. (There are other adaptations that Inkarri mentioned that result from cultural selection, or as traits derivative of direct adaptation).

Sub-Saharan Africans have pervasive skin and respiratory problems in cold weather climates, and would likely be incapable of surviving without modern technology. They would have to occupy intermediate zones for thousands of years and adapt to a four-season cycle before moving into the harshest northern climates, which is what humans did.

Similarly, Northern Europeans experience respiratory problems in humid, high-pressure environments because their sinuses and nostrils have adapted to cold, dry air. The Northern European tendency to develop a thicker layer of subcutaneous fat also means that Northern Europeans are poorly adapted for regulating heat in warm weather, relative to tropical people. If thrown into direct competition with natives of the tropics, minus modern technology and the creative and intellectual powers of Europe, white Europeans would be bred out of existence within a few generations by those adapted for tropical climates.

Finally, the most obvious evidence that Northern Europeans are not meant for the tropics is pathogens. Year-round warmth and rain means an endless supply of devastating diseases like Malaria. (Incidentally, the pathogen load of Africa is the latest environmentalist hypothesis for low average African IQ). It's important to remember that Africa wasn't even colonized until the 19th century, after the Industrial Revolution, and after the discovery of quinine.

And the areas where Europeans have thrived as colonists (prior to the 20th century) always correspond to temperate zones, e.g., Mexico, southern South America, South Africa, and Eastern and North-East Africa.

I think the truth is that humans are adapted to live wherever humans are adapted to live. It is a basic truism that humans will die in any extreme environment, cold or hot, without technology, which leads to the most fundamental point: human intelligence and technology are the adaptations that allow humans to not be tethered to a specific clime.

At any rate, I think something like the golden mean applies here, which explains why the greatest civilizations emerged around the Mediterranean. I prefer temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees F, but I also prefer having four seasons, and I don't mind the weather when it's cold or hot.

BAP imagines the tropics as some easy breezy place of hammocks, coconut juice, and beach boys but the reality is far from that.


If the harsh brutality of the despairing jungle has taught me anything is that no matter where you live in the world you will still face the inevitable day where your existence as a mortal and physical being will be terminated. There is no escape.

Even though the tropics are immensely biodiverse and teeming with life I can think of a no better or suitable place that brings you closer to and allows you to bond and form a better relationship with that dark figure we all have heard of but never quite fully meet...


To achieve hochkultur humans should pursue lives of ease, luxury, abundance, and tranquility in order to be able to actually focus on higher things instead of just their mere survival or getting through a day alive with enough nourishment. This is the main thing that seperates us from all the other animals on this planet after all.

In sum, deh tropix sux...

1. Whites are adapted for cold and wet with very little UV. East Asians are adapted to cold and dry, with slightly more UV... and their epicanthic fold is meant to prevent snow blindness. Actually they're more cold adapted than Whites.

2. Whites are some of the most viral resistant people on Earth. They survive viruses that dropped reds and niggers without catching much in exchange.

Otherwise, agree.
Bob Dylan Roof
Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't their viral resistance derive from being decimated by a series of plagues brought from foreign warm weather climates?