Hobbes: Aristotle's Teleology is Exoteric Trolling

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Bronze Age Pervert

Hobbes says Aristotle understood that his own teleology was " false philosophy; but writ it as a thing consonant to, and corroborative of their Religion; and fearing the fate of Socrates..."

Niccolo and Donkey
Bob Dylan Roof

That is an interesting quote. Leviathan overflows with contempt for heathen philosophy, and Aristotle specifically, whom Hobbes branded the worst of all heathen philosophers. This wasn't a concession to Christian authorities either, for pagan philosophy was immensely popular among the dominant philosophical schools of Hobbes's era. His purpose in suffusing his books with attacks on Aristotle, so far as I can tell, appears to have been the elimination of the errors resulting from the mixture of Aristotelian philosophy with Christian theology.

Hobbes's attacks generally focus on the "exoteric": idealistic arguments offered by Aristotle in certain parts of his books (e.g., that laws and not men rule) and natural law arguments (e.g., that slavery is a natural institution rather than one imposed by force); and his chief accusation against heathen moral philosophy is that it derived entirely from popular convention.