DNA Reveals Ancient Looks

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Researchers can work out the hair and eye color of ancient and recently deceased humans by looking only at DNA extracted from their skeletal remains, according to a study published this week (January 14) in Investigative Genetics .

Comparing the genomes of thousands of people, previous studies have identified 24 genetic variations—known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)—linked to hair and eye color. Now, researchers at Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland, tested this collection of SNPs, called the HIrisPlex assay, on DNA extracted from contemporary bone samples, as well as teeth collected from people that passed away in the 1940s and during medieval times.

Their analysis predicted that General Wladyslaw Sikorski, the commander-in-chief of the Polish Armed Forces during the Second World War and the prime minister of the exiled Polish government who died in a plane crash in 1943, had blond hair and blue eyes. Portraits painted after his death and written documents verified the prediction. The researchers also analyzed a partial DNA profile from a medieval woman buried in a crypt of a Benedictine Abbey near Kraków. The results indicated that she had dark blond or brown hair and brown eyes, though such predictions could not be verified.

The authors claim to have shown that the HIrisPlex system is “suitable, sufficiently sensitive and robust to successfully predict eye and hair colour from ancient and contemporary skeletal remains.” They say it will help determine what our ancient ancestors may have looked like, and will be useful for routine forensic applications.



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This has been possible for several years with respect to light pigmentation.


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I wouldn't be surprised if we never see a study on any of the mummies currently in Egypt. There are so many political obstacles to scientific study of the mummies in Cairo. Prior to the revolution, Egypt's antiquities chief Zawi Hawass refused to grant any genome-wide or ancestry studies that went beyond forensic kinship tests. He went on record as saying that the ancients were not negroes, but didn't substantiate the claim. My guess is that he tested them and it turned out they were negroes, jews, or europeans, or that he never tested them at all. The HLA tests on king Tut's family, which were low resolution and focused on locii under selection, did suggest sub-Saharan African ancestry. And the recent Ramesses III study has shown that his paternal line carried the haplogroup associated with the Bantu expansions.

Hawass has since been removed from his position because of his affiliation with the Mubarak regime. But given the current trajectory of Egyptian politics, I wouldn't be surprised if the remaining specimens were burned and the Pyramids bulldozed.
If Egyptians were universally Black, then that means the Hebrews were as well. Moses was mistaken for an Egyptian, and so then also was Jesus, Mary, and so we have arrived with Niggers at the foundation of Judaism, Christianity, and one of the earliest civilizations.
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