The firearms and military thread

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Purpose of this thread is simple:

What firearms do you own?
What is your personal opinion or philosophy regarding particular firearms, their use, or the use of force in general?
Just a place to talk about military topics that don't directly relate to megathreads like the Syrian or Libyan threads.

Me first: I don't own any guns ATM, but am now waiting for the gun control craze and associated high prices to go away. Then I plan on getting an Arsenal SGL-21, a stamped AKM clone.


My reasoning is it's rock solid system, both the AK and piston driven systems in general, abundant parts, 7.62x39mm ammo is really cheap, common, and is produced domestically, so practice is cheap.

Potential downside is that while the 7.62x39mm is really cheap, it's still not as common AFAIK as the 5.56/.223 in the States, and there aren't as many parts and aftermarket gadgets for this as for the AR-15.


I own two firearms and they're both non working antiques. My favorite is an 1850s Italian made double barreled black powder shotgun. One of the triggers fell off but it still has the ramrod which is apparently somewhat rare or so the guy who sold it to me said. I keep it hanging up in my living room below a pair of stag antlers. It is balanced by the hooves of the stag. This is to let visitors know that I'm a real tough All American macho fucking dude. This is the best approximate picture I could find of what it looks like:

I also own a Forehand & Wadsworth revolver without a firing pin. A friend who bought a foreclosed house told me he found it along with a pump shotgun in the wall of said house. At first I didn't believe him since he would never let me see it but he finally obliged and let me me keep it (I never got to see the shotgun as he claimed he threw it away.) The grip is wrapped in duct tape and I'd be surprised if it wasn't used in a crime. If I ever go down it will be over owning this revolver. I should also mention that the foreclosed house was formerly owned by a cop. This is what the model looks like:

Niccolo and Donkey

Six of these are buried in the ground behind our two houses in the village in Bosnia. One of them is mine. They were buried because UN peacekeeping forces were tasked with disarming the local populace after the war. Naturally everyone just buried their weapons.


Up here in Toronto I don't have any guns/rifles/etc.


The only gun I own at present is a Ruger 10/22. I am going to expand my collection at the soonest opportunity that i can afford to.

Have you fired your AK before?
My grandfather was a gun dealer, he associated with some weird gun nut types, one got nailed for making suppressors for MAC 10s. Grandpa had a lathe and also showed me how to make these. When his friend was busted he freaked out and buried a Thompson he had swiped when he was in the service somewhere on his property. He told me about this before he passed away, he put it in a fifty-five gallon drum and packed it with grease. I'd like to recover this but it would be difficult to make up a story for the new property owners why I need to use a metal detector on their property and excavation.
Niccolo and Donkey
Tell them that you're trying to find the bodies of runaway slaves or that you're searching for diversity.

I have a Romanian AK clone chambered in 7.62x39. I bought it for its iconic value and because it's dead reliable and will likely outlast me. My go-to nightstand/car/concealed carry gun is a .40 Springfield XD service model.



Currently it is impractical for me to own anything due to expense and bureaucracy (England), but later this year I plan to start hunting, albeit in a different country. As such I will look into getting a rifle and shotgun, money permitting.

You will be waiting forever. It will not "go away", it will only grow worse.