K-12 indoctrination education killing the skilled trades

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At the heart of any successful society is a strong core population of working class folks who get up every morning and get their hands dirty doing some manual labor. Not everyone should be going to college -- there simply aren't enough so-called white collar jobs out there for all these "I am special just like everyone else" up-and-coming narcissistic wiggers to fill anyway. But hey, who needs shop classes or any actual reality acceptance when you can attempt to force-feed a disinterested and ill-prepared captive audience some calculus?


“We have presidents and leaders who say every child should have the opportunity to go to college.​

“Unfortunately, it sends the message to parents that if they don’t send their kids to college, they’re failing.”​

“Now we’re saying, ‘Where are our electricians, auto mechanics, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) workers and CNC (computer numeric control) operators?’” Meeusen said.​

He added, “We’ve ripped out all the shop classes and replaced them with calculus.” . . .​

Racine Unified School Board President Dennis Wiser agreed students in this district are given scant exposure to the trades. A glaring example, he said, is the abundant, ongoing need for welders, as shown by job postings.​

“We have no courses related to that, and we have not even considered them,” Wiser said. “I’m sure we could come up with many other examples.”​

“We have far too many kids in the college track,” Wiser said, “and I can’t really figure out where it’s coming from except kids don’t see a lot of examples of people in the technical areas. Typically they don’t have relatives in those workplaces.”​

So, Wiser added, youths see certain kinds of jobs on TV and workers at McDonalds — but not much else.​
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Team Zissou

It's not that we're replacing shop with calculus. We're replacing it with all sorts of watered-down crap. The majority of the population is incapable of algebra much less calculus and trig. Full disclosure: I never took calculus or trig.

President Camacho

"Elementary school" should be basic patriotic education and only up until age 12 or so (ie, grade 6).

Introduce a Realschule / Hauptschule type system to train the majority of adolescents for skilled labor, technical work, and entrepreneurial skills. Less than 25% of male students and less than 10% of females should attend university, and university education should be much more rigorous than it currently stands, with mandatory English & History requirements in addition to major-related topics.

Force Wall Street & US Congressmen to help pay down from their private resources the outstanding student loan debt they financed and speculated upon. Seriously delinquent unemployed students along with certain prisoners will be conscripted for a short period of general work detail/construction apprenticeship to upgrade American infrastructure in return for their freedom.

Two decades later, we can use the revamped rail network to send all the Jews to the ovens designed and operated by our newly minted furnace operators and glassblowers.


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Wouldn't dream of it -- I shall leave such tasks to a skilled sanitation professional such as yourself.
Differential calculus is easy as hell.

It's the "conservative" politicians to blame. They are the ones who sell off government assets, reduce trade protection and out source manufacturing. Vote democrat.


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