Starving the Poors to feed Green illusions

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Decades of activism haven’t taught greens much about policy. The latest horror out of the sequential failure machine known as the green movement is the biofuels disaster now afflicting the Guatemalan poor. The New York Times reports:

Recent laws in the United States and Europe that mandate the increasing use of biofuel in cars have had far-flung ripple effects, economists say, as land once devoted to growing food for humans is now sometimes more profitably used for churning out vehicle fuel.

In a globalized world, the expansion of the biofuels industry has contributed to spikes in food prices and a shortage of land for food-based agriculture in poor corners of Asia, Africa and Latin America because the raw material is grown wherever it is cheapest.

Now that the United States is using 40 percent of its [corn] crop to make biofuel, it is not surprising that tortilla prices have doubled in Guatemala, which imports nearly half of its corn…Roughly 50 percent of the nation’s children are chronically malnourished, the fourth-highest rate in the world, according to the United Nations.​

To make things worse: evidence suggests that the corn ethanol program, for the sake of which callous greens condemned the world’s poor to higher food prices, is a failure even on environmental terms and fails to reduce greenhouse gasses.

We’re betting that this news won’t dent greens’ self-confidence. They will still insist that unless they are put in charge of the entire world economy we face disaster. The sad truth is that the more power they get, the more damage they do.

The world needs a smart green movement. Barring that, a green movement that bothered to think through consequences and make a serious cost benefit analysis on its proposals would be an immense improvement over the shambles we have now.

In my opinion, corn isn't something humans want to be consuming in excess. It has little nutritive value (empty calories/carbs), and in fact, I don't even consider it suitable as a primary cattle feed. Grass fed beef. :thumbsup: I'd love to see the US government stop subsidizing this crap GMO corn production. A lot of these crops get used in production of high fructose corn syrup, which is total garbage.

You can't even buy a cane sugar sweetened soda in the states these days unless you go to a trendy "health food" store like Whole Paycheck.

The irony inherent in the article above is that none of this is about what is ultimately in the long-term best interests of humankind. Why do we really require more ethanol production? And we certainly don't need more mass production of corn food crops for poors to consume either. Do we?


Capitalists don't care one wit about the plight of poors - if they aren't in the business of bio-fuels, they are still destroying excessive corn and wheat or paying farmers not to grow it so as to artifically inflate the price.

This is the reality of modern day capitalism - not producing goods may be as profitable as actually producing them. And of course feeding a richman's car is more profitable than feeding a starving mouth.