Will Self reads 'On Exactitude in Science' by Jorge Luis Borges

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Niccolo and Donkey
Will Self reads 'On Exactitude in Science' by Jorge Luis Borges - December-07-12 5:15 AM

Jorge Luis Borges's combination of the anecdotal, philosophical and the literary showed Will Self how to achieve the 'truly veridical'. He gets his coordinates from 'On Exactitude in Science'

click here - http://download.guardian.co.uk/audi...1215.tm.Will-Self-Jorge-Luis-Borges-story.mp3

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Niccolo and Donkey

This is intolerable. It was me originally who used the term "psychogeography" in my show, 3 years ago.

I won't go in detail about Will Self here (I already have, here ). Borges is pure, unsurpassed genius, of course. This is the full (sic) "short story" Self is referring to above:

On Exactitude in Science

Jorge Luis Borges, Collected Fictions, translated by Andrew Hurley.

…In that Empire, the Art of Cartography attained such Perfection that the map of a
single Province occupied the entirety of a City, and the map of the Empire, the entirety
of a Province. In time, those Unconscionable Maps no longer satisfied, and the
Cartographers Guilds struck a Map of the Empire whose size was that of the Empire, and
which coincided point for point with it. The following Generations, who were not so
fond of the Study of Cartography as their Forebears had been, saw that that vast Map
was Useless, and not without some Pitilessness was it, that they delivered it up to the
Inclemencies of Sun and Winters. In the Deserts of the West, still today, there are
Tattered Ruins of that Map, inhabited by Animals and Beggars; in all the Land there is
no other Relic of the Disciplines of Geography.
—Suarez Miranda,Viajes de varones prudentes, Libro IV,Cap. XLV, Lerida, 165

Stars Down To Earth

Borges > Self.

This "psychogeographer" stuff is the height of pretentiousness.

Niccolo and Donkey
But what about the flâneur?

Get a car, hippie.

Niccolo and Donkey

Here's a Will Self audio piece that's been denounced as pretentious.