Aspergers, Testosterone, and Physical Development

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Asperger's syndrome children are said to show higher levels of testosterone in the womb, and Aspergers and autism in general is characterized as a surplus of "male" genetic traits-- abnormally high interest in abstract thought, mathematics, individualism, etc, and by an abnormally low sense of empathy and social skills- the latter of which are generally considered "feminine" traits.

This got me to thinking how this tied in with WHR, or width-to-height ratio-- a measurement of male facial proportions that has been correlated with aggressiveness and dominance:
Significantly, a male's face begins to widen with increased testosterone production during puberty ; thus even "alpha" adult males would ostensibly appear no more "masculine" in youth than their beta counterparts; it is only manifested after the pubescent testosterone surge.

I was thinking about how this relates to the Connecticut school shooter:


Adam Lanza's face-- outlined in this pic by myself as per the methodology used in the Ontario study-- shows a facial width of 185 pixels versus a length of 130 pixels. That's a WHR of 1.42. The study indicated that the mean/median WHR was in the 1.75-1.8 range; a WHR greater than 1.9 was considered "high", so assuming a relatively standard distribution, ostensibly anything under 1.65 or so is "low". Lanza's WHR of 1.42 would thus seem to be extremely low for a male.

The theory I pose is this: since Aspergers children have such high testosterone from birth, is it possible that their bodies produce much less testosterone during puberty as a sort of negative compensation mechanism? We can perhaps infer that the most successul womanizers are born with average or even below average testosterone-- giving them the empathy, people skills, and ease in dealing with females from a young age-- and then experience a large testosterone surge during puberty, giving them the WHR that females covet as well as more dominant physical and behavioral characteristics.

Kids like Lanza would seem to get the worst of both worlds: their high testosterone in youth makes them ambivalent or uneasy around females, and after puberty they receive far less of the visible secondary sexual characteristics (perhaps including penis growth) while remaining "beta" behaviorally.

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Sounds plausible. The fetus gets so much test that it becomes desensitized or something, kind of like coke heads that destroy their dopamine receptors and can't feel pleasure from anything but coke.

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President Camacho

Actually, I was thinking in the other direction. Silky hair, no musculature, no beard. He seems awfully neotenous. What are spergs' T-receptors like?

Lazna looked weird because he had a host of genetic problems. Pre-natal hormone levels are usually predictive of hormone levels in puberty for males -- look at digit ratios. Fat male babies, who were exposed to higher testosterone levels, lose their virginity early and have more sexual partners than skinny male babies.

A low WHR can also be the result of environmental factors, like chronic sinusitis. Mouth breathing causes the face (specifically lower jaw) to grow downwards, instead of forward and out, resulting in a face like Lanza's. It is called adenoid faces or long face syndrome.

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Relevant specimens


Let Roland post a facial composite of all the notorious shooters from breivik to cho to kleibold and see if we find a difference in facial proportions from normal men. The salo science grant enables us to pursue serious research and provide America with an alternative to banning manly guns... face metrics.