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President Camacho , you were poking fun at this man in the Shoutbox. Articulate your accusation!

I remember the first of your reasons. You said because it was in the cause of "peace". That sounds like an external attribution, a castrating rationalization that would have his withered arm penned in the same gelding stable as the million paper cranes or those self-congratulatory marches against stop-and-frisk or "rape culture". But does it even matter whether Bharati himself ever claimed it? How often is it that our avowed motivations trace a different tunnel than the entry wound the real Geist has excavated in us? I think the violence of the act itself puts paid to the lie. If "peace" annihilates us, if it demands of us an offering of flesh and nerves and tendon, then "peace" is no pacific pasture but a wet and bloody plain, and the self-embodiment of this "peace", the rigor-mortis peace, not cowlike submission but an act of sympathetic imposition .
There is no contradiction.

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Two Buddhas. You know which one is really dried-out of all contempt, of all striving, of all inclination upward and outward. You know which one is the real stilling -- of domination!
Bob Dylan Roof
President Camacho
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My only information regarding this man's actions was that he was doing it for "world peace", because that is the only information the English blog gave regarding his behavior. IIRC in the Shoutbox I ridiculed his arrogance at believing that this "sovereign gesture had the capacity to change the divine world order" or something to that effect... truth be told the outburst was partly out of my personal prejudice towards Hindus and Ixabert's praise of them.

I will admit that the path he chose seems more impressive considering the abrupt severance of his middle-class life and the fortitude, self-sacrifice and discipline that his decision involved. I was under the impression that he was an ignoramus whose entire life had been spent outside of that tent with his hand raised as a sort of public affectation of piousness. To which you countered:
I understand your point- the deeper significance of the act lies in his existential rejection of worldly desire and his impressive resignation to obliterate himself... regardless of whether he or anyone else rationalized his motivation with altruistic jargon.

I am largely unfamiliar with the various sects and of Hinduism, of the spirituality of Bharati's or the Ganges skirmishers in the above passage, and how their religiosity dovetails with the Buddhism you describe at the end of your post. I would like for you to elaborate on that connection, but nevertheless...

Bharati is still an agent of passive nihilism, of defiance but only a resigned defiance to the state of world... certainly more impressive than the Western nihilist who is unconsciously driven towards the same end but is terrified of confronting self-sacrifice and violence. But I personally believe that the active form of nihilism-- the act of grappling with, and conquering or annihilating a meaningless world order rather than merely extricating oneself from it-- is the stronger spiritual feeling, and unlike the passive nihilism of Bharati has the potential to be a truly creative force. These active agents of nihilism will be the true bringers of "world peace" and end the spiritual torture of modernity, not only for themselves but for all.