"Why College May Be Totally Free Within 10 Years"

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President Camacho

Here it is boys, the battle that will define the 21st century century: in the one corner the Anglo-Saxon calls on his waterboys-- earnest colonial proponents of the theoretical side of Anglo-Saxon democracy (universal levelling of society & the democratic spread of wealth), and cynical Jews who embrace the factual side (plundering the masses through debt financing, inflation, and speculation). In the other corner is the Prussian-German ethos of duty, work, and care for the future.

Indian gastarbeiter who wants more gastarbeiters promotes his masters' utopian ideology of "Progress":


This isn't really a terrible idea in certain aspects-- if you're a typical slob or retarded female who wants to be a "marketing" major (which basically consists of memorizing nomenclature) but have no interest in serious academic pursuits (history, philosophy, arts, mathematics, etc), a 12 week online course will truthfully provide you with all same knowledge you pick up in college, minus 4 years of propaganda and debt. But implicit in the Indian's suggestion is the idea of universality, the idea of such "education" providing a levelling experience that will enable the masses to become elites, both ethically and socially. This is of course ridiculous... these people will still be low-level office drones, but at least they' wouldn't be saddled with debt.

The Aryan German (not Jewish) Peter Thiel counters by encouraging bypassing college, instead promoting training guilds and productive enterprise in the pursuit of fostering universal work, not nebulous "education" and wealth creation by the mass securitization of intangible assets:

The Jew is alarmed at the idea of bursting the permanent cycle of bubbles through universal securitization and commoditization (not to mention the university's sinecure and entitlement regime), and tactfully adopts progressive prose to veil his fear:

Back to Thiel:
Read more: http://business.time.com/2012/10/12/why-college-may-be-totally-free-within-10-years/#ixzz2EIUcePH2
Niccolo and Donkey

I was thinking of the concept of underemployment today. How can we call higher education the key to financial/career success when the education itself is nebulous and provides students with inapplicable experience/knowledge which doesn't help them realize this goal? We hear of shortages in the labor pool in certain areas, and an overhang of "Educated" youths on the other. How can we reconcile this?

Also, are universities and colleges academic institutions, or places which people go to gain employment? People would answer that it's both, but that's impossible. If everyone is to go and be an academic, they won't find themselves earning a decent living. And to add to that, not everyone has the ability/potential to become an academic.

There's too much fucking nonsense going on. This is what happens when we turn schools into businesses, believe in egalitarian bullshit, and dump public funds into institutions which didn't need them to begin with.


My boy will go to Costco. Might have to pull a few strings for him.


I propose instead we commit mass suicide with nuclear weapons


joosiversity :tard2:


I think, the general idea is that the more ed-jew-cation is pumped en masse into society, regardless in which way or form, how, why, or even what discipline, it somehow results in more business.

Simply because people are forced to learn to think more for themselves.

Tell me why access to academic journals shouldn't be subsidized in lieu of Pel Grants et al.

They are highly overvalued anyway. (Much of university costs goes into paying for them even though the publishing model of the internet is basically free today.)