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Bronze Age Pervert

This is a thread to discuss the theory of the Sotadic Zone:


With quotations to follow below...

On another note, Richard Burton was one of the most alpha Englishmen ever...

"Meds, Yellows, Reds, and Central Asian Wogs are gay." -Richard Burton



Bronze Age Pervert

" It is calculated that the French of the sixteenth century had four hundred names for the parts genital and three hundred for their use in coition. The Greek vocabulary is not less copious, and some of its pederastic terms, of which Meier gives nearly a hundred, and its nomenclature of pathologic love are curious and picturesque enough to merit quotation...."

Bob Dylan Roof
Bronze Age Pervert
His theory is based on climate and geography, but he also notes:

The increase in androgyne types seems more likely in civilized and wealthy cultures, or warm weather cultures of leisure, where survival is not contingent upon being physically powerful (masculine) or being capable of reproducing valuable children. Hence Burton's note:

This is like the bullshit claim that Eskimos have over a hundred words for snow
Bronze Age Pervert
Except in the case cited by Burton RE the French and Roman vocabularies for sex stuff it's not bullshit, and you're still a dumbass.