British company claims biggest engine advance since the jet

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It is the obligation of all racial preservationists to oppose anything that facilitates greater interpopulation connectivity, and especially ease of intercontinental movement, in raw materials, manufactured goods, capital, ideas, fauna and flora, and above all human beings. No more international flights. No more Sumatran coffee in Baltic mugs. No more Afrotropical coolies in Iowa meatpacking plants.

Don Johnson

I don't think they've built a prototype of the engine yet, let alone the actual space plane. I think they've just been doing computer modeling and have been testing a prototype of the heat exchanger. They've been working on this for decades.

Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, a successful private rocket company, has been dismissive of this British company's idea. He says that the air breathing jet engines add too much mass. Conventional rocket engines use stored propellant and don't require a heavy air intake like this British company's engine. Musk recently reiterated his skepticism of the idea, and I suspect that is why this article was put out. SpaceX has been very successful recently and has been actually taking payloads to orbit at lower cost. And Musk has expressed confidence that SpaceX may successfully develop a fully reusable rocket fairly soon. The British company depends on the European Space Agency for funding, and the ESA is likely to pay attention to what Musk says since SpaceX is offering lower prices than the ESA's rocket and is poised to take away its business.

Bob Dylan Roof

I believe most of the regional passenger planes in use today were built in the late '60s or early '70s. I won't hold my breath for the emergence of a cheap new technology with that type of reliability and safety, especially if something like Lockheed's diversity F-22 team is on the project.


The Columbian Exchange was the worst disaster of the past 1,000, perhaps past 10,000, years. This Cape Coloured planet, this pardo planet, this worthless Homogenocene -- whose realization is as irreversible now as it was in 1492 -- are the inevitable consequences of the unified world-system it inaugurated. How can you who claim to love your race look placidly on the mouth of this Atlantic World whose stomach bastes the chunky sludge that was her cheek, her breast? So: anything that fractures, anything that cleaves, anything that smashes and rends, is to be exalted ... unto worship! We must, in bristling, blood-splattered contempt of how we already know it will end ... destroy everything that exists.