Humans form character judgements of individuals based on facial traits

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Very interesting article I read in the magazine Psychology Today; the web version can be found here:

To summarize, these findings, if correct, vindicate the longstanding human practice of subconsciously judging others and correctly discerning character traits by virtue of a glance! The practice of physiognomy dates to well before its Western revival by 19th century "pseudo-scientists" and can be traced back to the ancients as well.

The article begins with a case study describing some recent teen idol contestant, a girl whose fans correctly discerned was a Mormon because of her "facial glow"; other than this there were no material clues given as to her background when she first appeared on national TV:
Promiscuity can be accurately discerned in a glance:
Patterns of expression can linger on the face and give it certain contours and creases that give away behavioral traits:
I think John Boehner is a good example of this phenomenon...

Also, male aggressiveness can be measured by a facial ratio:
The "midbrow" appears to be directly above the nasal bridge, between the orbital ridges... it is a measure of the facial proportions, not of the whole front skull (ie, the forehead is not part of the "face"), so it's unclear if there is any correlation of this metric with the cephalic index. Here is the original publication:

I just measured my WHR and it looks like I'm 5.75" x 3"... That's 1.92 = ALPHA. High WHR+dolichocephalic skull (ie, me) = ALPHA SUPERMAN

The Viking spirit of trickery and plunder lives on in wide-faced men! :
More evidence of longstanding behavior affecting appearance:
Choosing leaders for strength versus intelligence:
Also, women are deceitful whores:

I agree with all of this of course, but...

1. How does this cut across race? I'm constantly misinterpreting Asian faces and they're constantly misinterpreting mine.

2. I can recount many people, including myself, who are not in character what their faces and bodies would indicate.

3. How much are people falling into other people's expectation? A woman with arched eye brows and full lips might be more promiscious just because she gets hit on more often.

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Levantines are ridiculously stone-faced except when the women do the 'evil eye.' Speaking of, I can't think of any group I'd rather not have mad at me than Levantine family members. You'd be outside the pale 'til forever. The humor is also different. They dislike sarcasm. They like irony but prefer it to be fairly obvious.

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I tend to agree with Angocachi. This article is a bit over-simplistic, and doesn't bring up race at all. Also, a lot of people are good at hiding from strangers what they are (whether intentionally or not), and only the people closest to them know what they truly are - this obviously wouldn't happen at all, if all humans were broadcasting their personality from their faces like the article described.

This seems like a cultural trait rather than a purely biological. I've met both Middle-Easterners who are fairly "Westernised" and get our sarcastic sense of humour, and other Middle-Easterners who are rather socially retarded and see all irony as an insult. It does seem to be a part of traditional Arabic culture, this dislike and distrust of laughter (unless it involves schadenfreude and laughing at the weaker), but I'm not sure why.
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Aside: Sarcasm humor spreads from Jew snark in Hollywood movies, so is most concentrated in the Anglosphere. It makes sense that Arabs would be unlikely to be exposed to it. It's an essentially feminine (therefore Jewish) form of humor, since it is so passive aggressive. They enjoy using it because it allows for verbal jabs without much risk (why it is also the choice style for liberal writers). The "Aryan" form of humor would most likely be wordplay and puns (or directly insulting people for laughs).

This topic has come up recently in regards to political opinions, too. High test faces will be more conservative, obviously, but this may also tie in with the development in life through emotions.

I just measured my face at 6"x3" for a super alpha ratio of 2:1. :thumbsup:

Maybe in this sense lot of people have "frozen" expressions on their face. This varies by culture anyway ("stiff upper lip," etc). When your mother says "If you keep making that face, it might stay that way forever!" that's possibly what she meant.

In this blog the author puts forth the idea that "fag face" has nothing to do with femininity but is some kind of pedomorphic personality stuck in *constant* fear (trauma?):

Naked Ape author Desmond Morris :


"High testosterone shows itself in strong jawbones"

So the people on sluthate just need more Test, yeah?