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Bob Dylan Roof

The nation-state is by definition a socialist institution because it employs collective wealth to insulate a given territory from the effects of certain forces like external aggression, natural disasters, and negative consequences stemming from economic equilibrium.

The dominant refrain among American progressives is that shipping jobs offshore is unpatriotic and economically harmful because it exposes American labor to the negative effects of labor equilibrium. In contrast, immigration, both legal and illegal, is a net gain because it provides jobs to those in need and lowers the cost of labor in America. Thus, according to the progressive's distorted logic, opposition to providing jobs to cheap workers in other countries is patriotic and reasonable, while opposition to providing jobs to imported cheap workers is racist, reactionary, and economically unreasonable.

So how has this policy benefited Americans? The Center for Immigration Studies provides a sobering glimpse in a recent study . Below are some highlights.



I think, the approach of the modern powers is that America isn't a nation, but a sort of world forum where all nations have equal right to compete with each other on who gets to be the "dominant group"; as a sort of a big corporation, hence just being "native" doesn't really give you privelege.