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Chia Chu
You lost the war in Vietnam. In conventional warfare, disintegration of morale levels out inequalities in weaponry. And if you think Viet Cong was the most fearsome Asian adversary you had to face …. you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Now go back to watching Private Ryan and other Hollywood fairy tales about how you landed in Normandy and then “won” ww2.
If Chinese military superiority is anything like their real estate boom, I'm still waiting to be impressed. You'll need more to scare the world than a few empty boasts and a tinny Red opera.
President Camacho
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Split this off from the vids thread, and even though it was basically a troll post by Chink Chu, I'll bite.

I think it's highly unlikely that the PRC and USA would engage in conventional war in the near future, but if they did, I agree with Angocachi that the USA would whoop ass. I would expect the Chinese infantry--at least the shock troops-- to be fanatical and almost suicidally aggressive just like in the Korean War, but the problem is through the air...

The air superiority of the USA over China is almost unmeasurable... the amount of destruction jets can deliver from the sky these days is ridiculous, and in the guerrilla wars America has been waging so far we've only seen a fraction of it-- single jets delivering one or two guided missiles on a single target. Chinese troop and armor masses would just be anniilated from above.

They can steal and copy all the jet technology they want, but I'd imagine their quality control is shoddy, and more importantly I can't believe that Chinese pilots are anywhere near comparable to American fighter pilots. You need white men with initiative and an intuitive feel for the boundlessness of space piloting jet fighters... not chinks who have been trained like dogs to operate a cockpit's controls. The only air force of comparable quality, pilot-for-pilot, to the USAF is the RAF... Russian air force would probably be right behind them, then more distantly behind the Russians would be the French and Israelis. Chinese pilots don't even rate.

I'll emphasize:

As far as I can tell, the Chinese have no concept of quality. Their equipment would be very prone to breaking down. I would suggest that even in total war, the Chinese would be quick to lose. Their missiles and "advanced" technology would break down. The only reason they can even produce quality iPhones is because Americans work there for QA.

Chia Chu
Nobody cares about your $200-million-apiece F22s.

To see the future clearly you have to be able to analyze trends. First and foremost – trends in KEY science. Here is one:
Number of scientific publications in nanoscience by country, 1999–2004
1. US 1 8,000
2. Japan 8,000
3. China 7,000
4. Germany 7,000
(then UK, South Korea, Russia, etc..)

Now, let us remember that, just twenty years ago, China was a backward rural society with labor-intensive agriculture and no advanced universities. This legacy still means that intellectual property in technology today is mostly foreign-owned.
But the structural vulnerability is being addressed and will be overcome by 2020. The investment in R&D is on track to increase at least six-fold and amount for almost 3.0-3.5% of GDP, the relative percentage which will be on par with that Israel, the world’s top investor in R&D today. Consequently, this investment will account for 60 per cent of the future economic growth in China.
And another thing. More and more Chinese students and established scientists are leaving universities abroad and coming back home. Have you heard of Chinese techno-nationalism? Or, maybe they are coming home because you have too many obese types who have difficulties trying to squeeze their asses in airplane seats. It is quite unpleasant to watch, you know… :p
Read any assortment of American papers and Chinese papers. Just about every Chinese paper is a knock-off of an American one or another Chinese one. They can publish as many papers as they want in their crappy rote-knowledge schools that cherish rip-off artists. It doesn't mean jack. Publication numbers mean nothing. Anyone smart that was born in China has left China.

Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong are the only places with advanced universities. Everything else is still rural in China, otherwise toxic and soul-less.

Government spending is a part of GDP, which is not adjusted for inflation. At its absolute best, it's a half-assed measure of economic activity and monetary debasement.
Don Johnson
Note that the US had even greater air superiority during the Korean War than it would enjoy today. The USAF was able to bomb virtually every city and town in Korea, and all its military, industrial, and civilian infrastructure. It basically ran out of targets. What was decisive during the Korean War was infantry based land war, such as the Incheon landings and the Chinese intervention.
Stars Down To Earth

The US would be crushingly superior in the sea and air, in the event of a war. Camacho already put it better than me, so I don't need to go into the details. It's these guerrilla wars that are the fatal weakness of the Yank military, because their strength is their massive conventional firepower, and they often don't know exactly how to respond to terrorism or insurgencies, so they usually botch it (see: Vietnam). However, if it came to a conventional shooting war against another superpower, the Yanks would be in their perfect natural element.

The PLA might outnumber them on the ground, but that doesn't matter much, since the US has devastating air power. No way could the Chinese match the Yanks in the air - their material is so fucking shoddy, half the Chinese planes wouldn't even take off the ground.

I agree. Being an ace pilot takes a a lot of visuo-spatial intelligence and an intuitive "explorer spirit" - something which many Chinese rote-learners don't have. A slavish drone who knows the cockpit's controls by rote is quite a different thing from a skilled pilot who feels at home in the skies. Is this a racial thing or not? Certain races seem more predisposed to it, that's obvious. But the Japanese, mongoloid kin of the chinks, were decent fighter pilots in WW2, so they're not that inferior in this area. And you also mentioned the Israelis, who aren't exactly "white people".

But you're mostly right. Chinese tend to be technicians , while Europeans are far better performers . The latter will usually beat the former.