Australians fight to prevent the Globalists adding fluoride to their water supply

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Written by Andrew Puhanic

The Globalists are poisoning our water with fluoride
Finally, after 50 years of the Australian people suffering from the Australian Government’s failed policy of poisoning Australia’s drinking water with fluoride, the public are beginning to take the fight to the Globalists to stop having their water poisoned .
The first water supply that had its water fluoridated in Australia was near the town of Beaconsfield Tasmania in 1953. Since that fateful day, around 90% of Australians have fluoridated drinking water.
The fluoride that is added to Australia’s water supply is not the natural mineral fluoride, but in fact it’s the unprocessed toxic waste called fluoro-silicic acid, derived from a phosphate fertilizer factory . The Side effects of ingesting this poison everyday are discoloration of the teeth called fluorosis, premature aging of the human body and bone deformation.
The Australian people are waking up and beginning to oppose the poisoning of their water supply. Recently, Lesley McMillan from Victoria began to experience the side effects of fluoride in the water supply.

After 35yrs of unknown dosages of fluoride I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, a common form of hypothyroidism caused by fluoride. I avoided fluoridated water and all products containing it and 6 months later my thyroid hormone levels returned to normal. With high antibody counts, my battle with the disease is ongoing – it requires great discipline to maintain a fluoride free diet in Australia. My health deteriorated again a year ago so now I avoid all physical contact with fluoridated water. I would like to have the choice about fluoride – to live in a true democratic society.​
Thirsty, why not have a drink of some fluoridated drinking water?
Don’t think Australians have been totally ignorant of the dangers of fluoridated water. In 1998, a council chose not to fluoridate its water supply after a survey of 2300 people found 58 per cent were opposed .
Also, in August 2007 it was reported that around 800 Victorian residents attended a meeting in Warrnambool to debate the Victorian Government’s plans to add fluoride to their water supply. Several highly credentialed speakers, including the past president of the South Australian branch of the Australian Dentist’s Association, Andrew Harms, who was himself a former advocate of fluoride, spoke. The attendees voted unanimously to oppose the introduction of fluoride to their water supply and demanded that a referendum of all Australians should be held on the fluoridation issue.
The mandatory fluoridation of our drinking water was an act of a totalitarian government, which was introduced surreptitiously and without any prior consultation of the population. Arnold, North Queensland​
If you are still not convinced by how fluoride can damage your health, watch this news broadcast of how a fluoride spill In Illinois destroyed a concrete driveway.
The man in charge of poisoning Melbournians, Mr Wilkinson from Western Water, states that “ Fluoride is retained in teeth and bones and stored by the body , so a relatively short period of time without fluoride in the drinking water would have minimal impact, as long as people are practising good dental health,”.
So what does Mr Wilkinsons’ statement mean? Well, it means that the authorities have admitted that those of us who have been poisoned by fluoride will have the chemical linger in our bodies for 6+ months after ceasing to drink it. Why doesn’t Mr Wilkinson simply recommend all Melbournians practice good oral hygiene and eliminate poisoning the water with fluoride altogether?
At the end of the day, the Australian public are the only ones who can initiate the necessary political change that would enable their elected leaders to change the failed public policy of poisoning its water supply with fluoride, to instead, providing the public with fresh, clean and un-poisoned drinking water.

Andrew @ The Globalist Report
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There appears to be no evidence that Hashimoto's disease is caused by fluoride. In fact, there's no evidence that fluoridation has any adverse effects, other than possibly cosmetic (tooth enamel staining and the like, in rare cases).

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