Americans are stupid whales who are getting screwed in the ass by sinister forces...

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You have to wonder how the made-in-China bearings on that thing are going to hold up.
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The observations about propaganda are great. I haven't watched "TV shows" in years. When I catch one the tropes are just non-stop and I want to throw a brick at the TV. Then there's the advertising...

I can't shake the thought that there's an active conspiracy against low carb and weight training. Women's magazines in particular constantly push the idea that going on a walk and eating fat-free cupcakes will make you lose weight.

I think the intelligentsia will come to some harsh conclusions about IQ in the near future. If you're <100 IQ, you simply are not capable of constructing all but the crudest syllogisms or any time preference further than the next paycheck. They can't be educated out of their swamp--the neural wiring just isn't there. Put them on welfare, they'll just keep making the same poor choices.

If humanity emerges on the other end from this, the lives of the untermensch will be extremely regimented. Again, neo-feudalism, and it is coming whether the Misesians or the social democrats or the Burkeans want it or not.

I got this far before rolling my eyes and closing the window, assuming it was another fill-in-the-blanks tirade against American decline, style. I mentally checked off the tropes in the first paragraph -- television, twinkies, obesity, evil elites unimpeded by the stupidity of the masses -- and concluded that it wasn't worth reading further. Later I came back and did read further, which only confirmed my earlier assessment. As expected, the readership consists of paranoid flakes: there's a mini-discussion in the comments about whether sucrose (!) is a toxic substance, put in our food by the government to poison us.

Simplistic but satisfying and self-reinforcing rhetoric like this needs to be moderated by a deeper understanding of human motivation and cultural interaction; I hate to say that because it sounds like something a sociologist undergraduate might say, but it's really true. If you're going to do any kind of social analysis, you have to make a sincere attempt to discern why certain groups act the way they do, rather than heap abuse on them from a distance. If you wanted to know why Americans were fat, lazy, stupid, etc, you wouldn't learn anything from the linked post. On the other hand, if you were already convinced that Americans are fat, lazy, stupid, and so forth, you probably read the post with a building sense of tribal righteousness -- we certainly aren't anything like them, are we? -- and with it a few pleasant tinglings of dopamine release. As one commenter notes, " I would contend that most of these folks do not have a "choice" in any real sense. ... They were not gifted with the "obstinate resistor gene" like some of us who visit sites like this. " It's not any different than an NR piece about librul fascists, or a Huffington Post column about Republican racists. I'm not a patriotard by any means, but I didn't find anything worthwhile in that post.
There is a conspiracy against low carb regimes and weight training. Avoiding pernicious carbohydrates and exercising properly are the best preemptive medicine in the world. Big Pharma wouldn't want such an approach to spread unhindered.
And the American Diabetes Association. If people knew how to contain/manage type II diabetes properly, the association would lose most of it's purpose.
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Cornelio has won the debate, the article is retard. Conspiracies of that scale are impossible, especially in the modern world. And there is no convergence of interests among the elite to achieve the aims mentioned; the current regime is heavily anti-creditor and pro-debtor. That's why there are no debtors' prisons and hardly any consequences for people who declare bankruptcy. They say that taxpayers will pick up the bill when future debt won't be paid off, but that will be impossible. A lot of the measures taken by the elite are self-protective, and in response to an expanding tax and regulatory regime that disfavors them. The obesity epidemic isn't some conspiracy, it's related to the drug epidemic and a side effect of spiritual decline. There isn't some elite directing this decline, it was described and predicted by some in the 19th century.


Low carb is garbage, I eat close to 300 g of carbs a day (and use 500 mg test e EOD)

If you're cruising on test, you can eat whatever you want, so long as you take in at least 180+ grams of protein, and still gain muscle and loss fat.

If anything, there is a conspiracy against judicious use of anabolics, which are cheaper and far more effective than any anti-depressant in treating male depression, sexual dysfunction, metabolic syndrome, etc.

Low carb lifestyle is espoused by PUA libertarian nerds.

sucrose decreases your PUA situational awareness, read roissy in dc