Skagland: Chicago heroin adventures

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I had an immersive expedition this summer during my love affair with Chicago skag. Chi-town China White, like the Bomb to early Boomer faggots in Buddy Holly glasses, is something you come to love and stop worrying about after you see it enough. And if you're a cultivated lowlife like I am, you see it all the time. You see it more than a Washington intern sees herpes blisters.

The first entry in this thread is going to describe the wild and wonderful animals who populate skagland.

Gargoyles are rich kids who started shooting skag because they had nothing better to do. They can usually afford their habit because their parents wire them money every day so long as they call home at night every once in a while and talk about returning to the liberal arts program they washed out of at De Paul due to non-attendance. Being pampered pussies, they can't handle being dopesick, so they end up draped around and over starwells, benches, posts, and one another near dope spots.

How to spot a gargoyle: Deer in headlights look in their eyes, self-pitying gait, youthful frailty that makes them easy pickings for more crafty and ruthless dope creatures.

Walkers resemble extras from George A Romero movies - the stupid background add ins that are supposed to convey the suddeness and irony of the zombie epidemic. Things like the zombie in a fireman's hat or the clown zombie. Walkers, like these themed filler- zombies, got the jones real quick and got blindsided by it. The Walker was (or is still is, barely) a low to mid-level white collar professional. He wears his Mens Wearhouse gear even as he succumbs to skag. He's convinced himself that he's only got a small time jones, but he's actually far closer to the abyss than any Gargoyle. The Gargoyle has parents who will send it to rehab or come through with a 20 to alleviate dope sickness - All the Walker has is maxed out credit cards and a shit job managing an Enterprise Rent-A-Car that he is about to lose next time he shows up to work pissing tears, blowing snot, and dry heaving within sight and earshot of customers.

Smokin Lethal Warriors:
These are high-powered mutoid fuckups with catastrophic chromosomal profiles who simply don't give a fuck. Many are niggers who will literally stab you through the eye with a used rig just to get shorts on the Newport you were smoking moments before. Others are (nominally) White persons who look like a Brundlefly wuzzling of an Okie sister-fister, a Kentucky ferris wheel mechanic, Dino Sachs, and every rachitic piece of dung featured in those ''Gathering of the Juggalos'' footage clips on youtube. These motherfuckers are sick more often than they're right, and they don't care because they never made any real connection between the sick and the jones - they just know that banging dope sure helps with that morning snot in their throat and keeps them from taking a shit. SML's literally eat Gargoyles when hungry.

More to come.

Team Zissou

I would just drink and smoke cigarettes instead.


Saw a few friends and acquaintances in youth succumb to the lure. Where do you place yourself in Skagland, Tom?

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He surely places himself in the as of yet unmentioned class of Little Goerings .

I had a cousin (who died over the summer) who made heroin his life for over twenty years in Glasgow. He was a sad, scared character, looked like a dehydrated Bob Geldof and acted like he expected you to cuff him at any minute. His (ex) wife was like those track-suited gargoyle women you see in the Chav videos that Glaswegians like to post; screeching voice, constantly smoking cigarettes, unintelligible. I sincerely pray for their daughter.

We need some Glaswegian categories, STAT.


Forget about your love affair with Chicago skag, we anxiously await the publication of Why the Right is Extinct, and Why Revisionism is Needed - part 2 on these forums.

You're aware of Irvine Welsh's theory - he doesn't say he's 100 per cent behind it but certainly doesn't discount it - that the British state allowed the massive heroin epidemics of the 80s, especially in Scotland, as a means of drugging the newly unemployed populace, especially the young men, lest it become restive and violent?

Give us more Thomas, from what I've read, Chicago is undergoing oen of those particular heroin epidemics that particular Western cities occasionally experience - Melbourne had one in the late 90s for example.
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at 17 i had appendicitis which was kinda found late

had to take a lot of morphine and codeine post surgery and they were fucking awesome

but the vomiting, itching and not shitting for days made it not worth it

alcohol > opiates