China vs. Japan

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Niccolo and Donkey
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This is escalating pretty quickly. And the fact that Panetta has actually used the word "war" is really, really frightening.

Frankly, this only makes sense in the context of a fear amongst the elites of a global economic collapse.


Growing tension between China and Japan fuel concerns over potential war


Chinese govt ramps up nationalism to help cushion the internal effects of their own economic slowdown. There won't be a war.

Niccolo and Donkey
This is Occam's Razor expertly applied, but we are entering an interesting time in respect to the precarious situation of the entire global economy.

How are Chinese orders for Aussie minerals doing these days?

Japan > China


I would like to see Japan prevail in any conflict, but realistically, the Chinese will overwhelm them by sheer weight of numbers.

I wonder if the US will consider a Chinese seizure of Senkaku as an "attack on Japan".

Team Zissou
The Fed has admitted it needs to print $40B a month to keep demand shored up. That has to have at least some Chinese economists worried.

This is fascinating. I've hypothesized before that China has a problem with too many frustrated young men with few options. Also, interesting that Leon Panetta is point-man for this instead of Miz Batshit Crazy.
Yeah. This is one of the more salient but far from the only internal pressure they face. I think the Indians have the gender imbalance pressure worse. For the Chinese it is the fact that the people are willing to accept they wont have democracy but they want to be rich and rich now. That's the bargain the CCP made with them: we'll make you rich, trust us.

Now there's plenty of people seeing others get rich and slowly working out they will never be rich because they don't have the right connections and background and all the hard work in the world won't change that.

So they need to be distracted. And the Chinese are very easily distracted by waving the Rising Sun flag in their face.

Absolutely no chance the Chinese would risk war over some pissant islelets.

In fact, with the exception of Korea, when the entire nation was in a state of psychosis anyway, the Chinese haven't had a foreign military adventure in centuries.

It is ingrained in the governing class' psyche that the real struggle is maintaing internal stability rather than seeking to expand.
Iron ore prices are falling but demand is still historically hugely high.

I actually think the global economy is through the worst of it. The moment of potential collapse has passed and now the long decade/s of little to no growth, but no new Depression, are kicking in.

A global, certainly Western (with Australia feeling it but escaping the worst) Lost Decade.
Niccolo and Donkey
The idea of the West being where Japan was 20 years ago is a commonly held position. This seems to be the best that we can aim for.

Prime Minister Harper made a revealing comment last week saying that this global economic uncertainty and lack of growth should be understood by Canadians as being the "new normal". Harper is always incredibly understated in his pronouncements, so this one made my ears burn.
Stars Down To Earth
China is superior to Japan in almost every way.

The old Japan of the imperial era and Mishima's books doesn't exist anymore.