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Here is a perfectly legal way to get them: [Update: link fixed]

The subscription fee is reasonable. Of course, there's an even better website that's completely free, but which I'm not sure is entirely legal (still it has to be mostly legal, or why is it still up?):

I'm pretty sure the two websites above have the same books. Just some examples of books readily attainable (a tip is: you have to search for the title exclusively, not also the author's name):

  • David Hume's Critique of Infinity by Dale Jacquette (the price on is outrageous, and some instructor is always checking this book out in the uni library)
  • From Peirce to Skolem (this classic study is impossible to find in print anymore)
  • Probability, Econometrics and Truth by Hugo A. Keuzenkamp
  • Peirce's Theory of Signs by Thomas L. Short (the best thing in the secondary literature on Peirce, and compares Peirce with Ruth Millikan)
  • The full Collected Papers of Charles Sanders Peirce
  • The Philosophy of F. P. Ramsey by Nils-Eric Sahlin
  • An Introduction to Teichmuller Spaces by Masahiko Taniguchi, Yoichi Imayoshi (excellent, hard to find book on Teichmuller spaces)
But of course, the most comprehensive source is the eDonkey network, the ed2k (?). I got Ramsey's Notes on Philosophy, Probability and Economics (djvu) which is impossible to find in print anymore. And there are various Russian and German websites (but which are also covered by eDonkey).

Another great online source is SpringerLink, for those who have a subscription - not just for monographs, but recent studies on the history of science:


Ah, I see. It seems like the first link ( fixed ) is more comprehensive, although there's a (pretty modest) subscription fee that you can cancel after a month. E.g., the first website has:

  • Cartesian Method and the Problem of Reduction by Emily Grosholz - a wonderful study that I read several years ago, again with a ridiculous price tag.
  • Abstract Measurement Theory by Louis Narens, an absolute classic (in the borderline between philosophy, measurement and inference - much like the three-volume treatise by Suppes, Tversky et al.) that is now impossible to get except for a ridiculous fee in the Amazon marketplace.
  • Serre's problem on projective modules , Complex Semisimple Lie Algebras by Jean-Pierre Serre, and the like.
  • Anything by Hartry Field - e.g., Science Without Numbers and Saving Truth From Paradox
  • In general, a better philosophy section - they have Hintikka's Models for Modalities (djvu file)
  • More old books (but stil masterpieces), like the Arnold Sommerfeld series on physics (the first volume, Mechanics I can recommend first-hand as a masterpiece)
Both of the websites have:

Don Johnson

This is another good site for ebooks:

It has many academic works and textbooks, along with more popular books.

It also has movies, music, software, etc.

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