Fear, intelligence, and differences in pigmentation

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Bob Dylan Roof
Bronze Age Pervert , Byssus

From Nietzsche's Daybreak , Book IV, Aphorism 241:

Fear and intelligence . - If it is true, as is now most definitely asserted, ​
that the cause of black skin pigmentation is not to be sought in the ​
action of light, could it perhaps not be the ultimate effect of frequent ​
attacks of rage (and undercurrents of blood beneath the skin) ​
accumulated over thousands of years? While with the other, more ​
intelligent races an equally frequent terror and growing pallid has ​
finally resulted in white skin? - For degree of timidity is a measure of ​
intelligence, and frequently to give way to blind rage a sign that ​
animality is still quite close and would like to take over again. - Thus ​
the original colour of man would probably have been a brownish ​
grey - somewhat like the ape and the bear, as seems proper. ​

This must not be dismissed out of hand...
Bronze Age Pervert

This reminds me of Watson's remark....listed under "controversies" on his wikipedia page,

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