Who Were the Mossynoecians?

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Bronze Age Pervert

What pare?

Bob Dylan Roof

Public sex-havers pursuing women in the Hellenic army ?

Could they have been holdovers from Gimbutas' "Old Europe"? A pre-Indo-European group of communal Mother-worshiping caveslavs?

Bronze Age Pervert
I think they were wives or pleasure-women tagging along...he uses the word hetaira, i.e., they wanted their whoors. But Greek writers often find the custom of having sex in public to be notable and ridiculous...here's Herodotus on the Indians:

Also Plato casually notes that man looks the most ridiculous when he's engaged in intercourse.

The Mossynoecians were mountain-dwellers and it disappoints me to see mountain-dwellers with this way of life.

I don't know if they were mother-worshippers, but it should be said that although I was joking about what pare, many WN appreciate pre-IE/communal way of life rather than Aryan way of life, since you bring this up.

There's also this about the Mossynoecians:

I'm not sure what Xenophon means when he refers to them as "white" though...he says leukoi, but this could mean they weren't tan or were especially pallid-looking because of climate and diet.. He doesn't say it of the other peoples around, including the Armenians, who I don't imagine are non-white.
Bob Dylan Roof
Xenophon's references to pigment are confusing. Doesn't he also claim that the Persians were whiter than the Greeks? I'm guessing this has something to do with the virtue of working in the sun versus the vice of lounging around inside in the context of an indolent palace culture.