The Worst Books Ever

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Possibly the worst book ever:

[The cover is far too embarrassing and has since been removed.]

Why Open Court would completely and permanently disgrace themselves like this is a mystery to me - but in any case it is a fact. The idea that you need to use "examples" from pop culture to get "philosophical" conceptions across is particularly pernicious (and in terms of "conceptions", philosophy is no different from any other special science, and needs its own technical terminology). I once knew this person who liked to "illustrate" his cognitive relativist (!) ideology by means of colorful (but false) historical anecdotes, and when you point out that he is perpetuating disinformation, he would just respond that it "doesn't matter" since my objection about particular facts are all mooted by the general controversy over "relativism".

(To be continued. Add your own.)

Bob Dylan Roof

lol you read that?

Bob Dylan Roof

@Starr, Bronze Age Pervert


“A fascinating story… for lovers of all ages!” -The San Francisco Book Review: (5 Stars) [but only 2 stars on amazon :confused: ]
Review here:

Wow, sounds like Hold Back This Day if it was authored by Morpheus.

Sounds like a crappy book, not because of it's general story but because a woman wrote it. A man could have done something interesting with a story like that. Most books written by modern women are fifty shades of shit.

Bob Dylan Roof
Hold Back This Cuckold Fetish
Funny thing: not really. I just glanced at other stuff in this series, with titles like Batman and Philosophy in the university bookstore one day, and then I just said to myself, "please let there not be something on video games as well" - lo and behold. I did read the ToC, and some snippets here and there.
The Illuminati

Sorry, nothing holds a candle to the absolute worst piece of shit Sci-fi book - L.Ron's "Battlefield Earth". I read it in the manner of watching a fatal car accident in slow motion. It was painful but at the same time you just sit there and go - "How much worse can it get?" Turns out a lot worse.
By the way in my opinion - one of those rare instances that the movie was better than the book. And it was a total piece of shit too.


More like worst cover ever, but w/e


Bob Dylan Roof

lol, riding through the seventh circle on a chopper with a duckface