NGO riot - don't listen to western media

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Bob Dylan Roof

I'm sure everyone has heard about the non-story coming out of Russia about a trio of feminist anarchists who invaded an orthodox church and were subsequently arrested for disruptive and vulgar behavior, like playing air guitar and yelling about sex acts. Here's an objective treatment of what happened:

Predictably, purely objective NGOs and publications, like Amnesty International and CNN, have recast the story as one about a "band" engaging in lawful protest. Even Reuters, the putative decentralized "news agency", has followed suit in characterizing the group as a "band" engaging in legitimate political protest, rather than Berkeley-esque shenanigans in a private institution.

The American left has further hailed the event as a watershed moment and a harbinger of Putin's inevitable demise.

Stonewall riot/I have a dream speech for a post-Putin Russia:


Interesting how Radio Free Europe, an old CIA stalwart, feels the need to clarify the issue. Even without this information, the whole thing looks ludicrous with punk rock, riot grrrl feminism, and anti clericalism presented as 'radical' stances. The last point is especially telling. The Orthodox Church was under the thumb of an atheist-totalitarian state for close to 100 years but here we're supposed to believe that it serves as an instrument of state repression?

Enter Madonna :

Though even The Moscow Times, owned by a Finnish media company, admits that this old saddlebag doesn't know shit about shit:

Enter Dmitry Rogozin :


These feminists are in need of corrective rape. :thumbsdown:

Bob Dylan Roof
Update: female judge finds NGO riot guilty of hooliganism

Kasparov uses the event as an opportunity to perform a publicity stunt:
lol, checkmate, Gary
The Illuminati

Iron curtain slamming down in 5 , 4 , 3............

Russians like freedom, but they don't like anarchy.
They'll take a totalitarian regime over a milquetoast democracy any day.
I can't recall where I had read it but it was a comment by a Soviet which went : "Of course this may cause the deaths of many Russians, but it has always been that way."

Niccolo and Donkey
Niccolo and Donkey

This is funny.....Levada is a pro-western outfit in Russia that is constantly referenced in western media and even they have to concede the point: