Buying My First Handgun: Which Should I Choose?

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I will be buying my first gun in a few weeks and my price limit is $600-900 or so. I was considering getting a custom made AR-15 or a Colt 6920 for around $1000, but decided that a handgun with concealed carry would be the best option for a first gun. Perhaps in a year I will go for the AR, which is an amazing weapon.

So the question is: What is the best gun and caliber to get?

Since I am somewhat new and don't have much experience shooting, I have considered getting the CZ-85 Combat 9mm. It has a .22 conversion as well and mainly I just need it to improve my marksmanship and to be used in self-defense. Sig Sauer .40 has also interested me, but I don't feel like spending all that money on ammo at the range, when 9mm and .22 are a lot cheaper.

Do any of you have any recommendations? What's the best handgun to get for that price range?


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President Camacho

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I would recommend a pistol that takes maybe a 9mm or a .38-type cartridge. But I will flag Azimuth to your question, he is a gun-toting internet racist and should be able to help you best.

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9mm is for homos. Not only that, but Nikolai has no business messing with guns of any caliber.

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