Brazil Fattens Up

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Bronze Age Pervert
Bronze Age Pervert

I've noticed this and was going to post on it too. The twat who wrote that article only gets it part right:

This is true, and I think it's most of the reason why this is happening. Brazil has become "carb-crazy." I notice bakeries and bakery-cafes everywhere, and they're always full of vulgar cows stuffing their fat faces. Even very fit people are often under the delusion that animal fats cause obesity but that you can eat as much rice or bananas as you'd like. But the craze for sweets and baked goods is behind a lot of this, and it affects women more than men. Cows need to get on a cucumber-and-coke diet NOW.

This is false. The lower classes may not have been obese before, but they were never the especially attractive people in Rio. The middle and upper middle classes have had access to beef, potatoes, and rice (?) for a long time... and fish has never been especially popular in Rio anyway. Traditional Brazilian food is heavy and has always been...heavy pork-and-bean stews, etc., and modern-minded people don't eat it and haven't for a while; this woman went to ClubMed and she repeats FDA talking points.

People aren't that in any turd world or Latin country (even in Europe) people talk about how they work so much, but life is relaxed and they don't work very hard at all.

I'd say this has affected the middle and lower middle classes, the poor, many middle aged women in all classes and, unfortunately, more upper middle class and rich nubile girls than should be the case...the latter is where most of the hot girls come from. It's affected men less, but you see it there too. That said, compared to a dysgenic pit like most of the US, I still see a higher frequency of hot people here, both men and women, than anywhere else I've been. Guys with builds like Zyzz are not that rare, and approximations are abundant... In the balance of things the men are handsomer and more fit than the women, which is increasingly the case in the US as well, and which indicates that the obesity problem is closely related to feminism and to imbalances in the sexual marketplace.

The attractive women in a regime of obesity become choosier, nastier, more arrogant; the fat women are indulgent and will give no quarter to the cakes...and they don't need men anymore, they stuff pastries into their sloppy cunts.
Niccolo and Donkey
Bronze Age Pervert
There were always fat middle-aged people around, who were shameless and showed off their fat at the beach. But the answer to your question is generally,'s almost like a parody of the cougar, it's always been full of 40 yr old women, and even over that, who keep themselves in top shape, do plastic surgery, etc., so from far away they look much younger. They make a sport of hunting young guys.

Lately though you see more fatness overall like I said, and it's affected the middle aged women the most. They love the bakeries. Also it's amusing to hear sometimes academic retards in the US comment on how certain places in the world, like Brazil, have "multiple standards of beauty" because you go to the beach and see whales in bikinis. When in fact, it's the crassest, most materialistic culture, obsessed with sex and beauty, and the only reason you have these fat cows showing it off, is vulgar turd world shamelessness.
President Camacho
Is there some kind of attractiveness coefficient for whiteness in Brazil? In other words, will a blonde-haired and light skinned man (ie, exotic by Brazilian standards) with an athletic physique attract much more female attention than a typical mestizo/mulatto Brazilian with a similar physique? Do ugly & out of shape nordics pull more tail than negroes with adonis physiques?

Angocachi has confirmed that average or even ugly white males regularly pull top-notch pussy in Korea, although I don't expect Brazilian women to idolize NW Euro men to quite the same degree, especially because there is no penis size gap...
Porkchop Holocaust

I haven't been to Brazil, but BAP is probably right: it's a middle and upper class problem. Lower classes have probably been obese for much longer, their obesity depending on purely external factors (i.e. the availability of cheap highly caloric food). The lower class Brazilian immigrants you (used to) see in Portugal were often fat and the women felt no compunction about displaying it in public. I've seen the most atrocious specimens, obese creatures with lard overflowing their lycra plants and gathering in horizontal bands around their bellies, dyed blonde locks and 2 pounds of purple eyeliner contrasting horribly with their brown skin and National Geographic midfaces, yet thinking they were the sexiest things on the planet. This seems to be typical of lower class Brazilians in some parts of the country (like it is already in some parts of Europe, like the UK).

President Camacho
I'd think the poor Brazilians you see in Portugal would be very different from the native ones... the emigrants to Europe have probably been fattened by the European welfare state; I don't think Brazil nurtures its underclass in such ways and I'd be very surprised to see higher obesity rates in the barrios than in the upper-middle class neighbohoods.
Niccolo and Donkey
Bronze Age Pervert
I'm procrastinating so I'll write a longer reply....

Yes there definitely is. All things being equal, being white, having white features, and especially having blond or light hair is seen as very attractive for both women and men, and highly sought after. That said, the emphasis is on "all things being equal." There are fat German engineers and dorky Lehman Bros. guys with pot belly and a dweeb look in their faces, but they're only successful with prostitutes, ex-prostitutes, or average-looking lower and middle lower class black or mulatta girls. I've heard of many prosties who marry Italian, Spanish, or German engineer types; I know of a crass, pretty ugly girl who used to be a whore who showed me a pic of a Thomas777 (OKCupid version)-lookalike and showed me his Lehman Bros. card a few years ago...she was proud, and that was the best he could do. An "alpha bro" who's actually a greater beta douchebag with a dorky look and flab won't be getting any of the hot pussy in Rio.

The reason is simple, there are several "markets," and the one for the hottest women, who are generally upper middle class or upper class, is intensely competitive. If you want a girl like this, being white helps "all things being equal" but white men are still expected to be tan, buff or in good shape (not necessarily "jacked," though that helps), and act macho/be charming in some way, etc.; if you don't have these things (or are famous/insanely rich) you're simply not able to compete for those kinds of girls because so many Brazilian middle, upper middle, upper class guys are like that. I have to add a "no homo," but I haven't seen as many handsome men anywhere else, and they're also good with is what they do well; so it's not as if a pretty, upper middle class girl is going to choose a flabby or nerdy white tourist over a Ricardo Arona-lookalike just because the tourist speaks English or has light hair or something. Though a white guy who has those attributes is at the top of the heap, and I had a white acquaintance here who was treated almost like a god by people on the beach, etc., it was funny to watch.

International men of power like Nic, i.e., white men with style, gravitas, and elegance, also do very well here, and get the top women in the swanky bars.

In general the two top "races" are "white" and "moreno" (think Ricardo Arona or Vitor Belfort), with white being higher, but with this advantage being easily canceled if all things are not equal.

On the other hand, girls here are a looser and friendlier than in the US and don't need to be "gamed"/are not mentally ill, so in that sense it's easier and nicer all around for everyone. And if you're not too picky, the opportunities for fun and fucking are plentiful, and the situation is good for both men and women who want to visit.

Also I should add that I've seen a lot more white Brazilians lately, including ones with blond hair and blue eyes...I've heard others make the same observation. I'm not sure why this is happening, maybe more people from the south moving here; but being blond, though still at the top of the hierarchy, is not as exotic as it used to be. Regarding the racial comparison you mention, I'd say it's a lose-lose, but black guys don't do well. I don't see black guys, with adonis physiques or not, pull the hottest tail or even hot tail. I don't remember actually seeing a pretty upper middle class or upper class girl with a black guy... I'm sure it happens, but I don't remember the last time I saw it. Actually I don't remember seeing one even with a darker mulatto. In fact the only girl I've seen with a black guy here in the last two weeks is an American ginger heifer tourist of some kind with a pinched academic face...quite a cliche, and made me chuckle. The reason is simple, being black is seen as low-class and stupid, and there's nothing objectively that Brazilian blacks can offer a hot girl that she can't get in her own social circles, whether you consider it from a physical, erotic, or attitude etc. point of view. In the US there's Hollyweird hype combined with male SWPL and other emasculation, plus a desire to experiment in some cases, etc., that makes some white wimmins fuck black. But here none of that makes any sense, and also Brazilians are openly and unashamedly racist (they tell me they won't go to Salvador, Bahia, because it smells like nigger) and see blacks as poor and pathetic.

Ugly and out of shape Nordics will at least have access to girls who are interested in fucking foreigners (generally crass money hounds), to poor or lower middle class black and mulatta girls, to the more awkward "intellectual" girls, etc., etc. ...but in general not to the hot girls, no.

The most despised races are black, indio, and Asian. Japanese in Sao Paulo go so far as to get plastic surgery to change their eyes...
President Camacho

Yes, that is exactly what I figured-- that Brazilians place a higher emphasis on looks and hence the importance of "all things being equal" when it comes to master race status... it doesn't seem like Russia for example, where grubby little jewish finance execs have harems of the best looking women following them around every club.

(Side note: the eXile guys tested Moscow's notorious fascination with wealth & fame by dressing up one of their interns as a faux-American pop star complete with fake entourage to get him into the most exclusive Moscow clubs, with funny results: )

Anyway, I recall seeing a poll among Europeans where France was the only country in which women claimed "appearance" as the top priority in a mate... most of the other Euros claimed things like "sense of humor" or "wealth", etc. I would imagine Brazil shares this in common with the French-- the preeminent respect for beauty and form.