Bisphenol A (BPA) and It's Impact on the Male Sex

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What is BPA ?

Where is it used?
Why is it bad?

Ever wonder why there is an explosion of penis size enhancer pills in the market? Because more and more males are being born micro penises and such in which BPA has a direct role.

It also might explain why there are so many effeminate men today then ever before? That's because BPA is an xenoestrogen that causes the effeminization of the male fetus at its early stages.
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Is BPA banned in any other countries? I'm sure the FDA would shoot back that possible exposure from consumer products falls far below cutoff levels


The world has seen a massive rise in birth defects and cancer since 1900 and it is no doubt a result of mankind chemically shitting on itself with no one to clean its diaper.

It's also documented that first world males have lower testosterone levels than earlier generations, and anyone's grandmother will tell you that men used to be manlier. I've only been alive 26 years and I KNOW my father's generation was far less feminine than the boys my 15 year old sister goes to high school with.

Everything inside of me screams that the world is firmly under the control of an unseen cabal and this is entirely intentional, to faggotize and dick-shrink the heirs to civilization. It's so devious, so undeniable.