Robert Putnam: Class Now Trumps Race as the Great Divide in America

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President Camacho
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Firstly, it seems that Putnam's understanding of "middle class" here is more in line with the "British" definition: families pulling in 6 figure incomes who can afford private schooling and elite colleges. Now I tend to doubt the author's assertion regarding "the rise of the black middle class"-- or at least, I would posit that its formation was/is largely dependent on federal policy.

I can confirm in my backyard the proliferation of a suburban class of semi-literate and atomized whites especially of Irish extraction that are nonetheless borne of white collar parents... whiggers, druggie proles, underemployed community college grads knocking up their girlfriends and such. Is it possible that WASPs are drifting back to the undisputed top of the American economic hierarchy, while "ethnic" (mainly Catholic) whites are thrust back into the gutters as part of the great de-leveling that comes with the disintegration of democracy?

The only dense clusters of WASPs around here are in the utmost affluent suburbs like the "main line", and they've been upper-middle class for many generations... I don't know of any WASP suburbanites who are only 1-2 generations removed from working class urban backgrounds like the majority of their Catholic counterparts, so perhaps someone else can vouch for WASP socio-economic decline?

I would also like to hear from our poasters from Ausfailia and Kanada on this matter.
Niccolo and Donkey
President Camacho

What exactly about Canada (at least, Toronto) would you like to know?

The notion of the rise of a black middle class in the USA surprises me, considering that the wealth of blacks has plummeted based on other articles that I've read.