Is multiculturalism a devious pro-WASP conspiracy?

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Bronze Age Pervert

Hypothesis: the white man uses the brown as muscle against the black; he uses the yellow as muscle against the Jew...

Elaboration: could it be that the drive to encourage immigration into the US has this purpose, that a huge population of Mexis/Hisps etc. will be at the throats of the black. That the Asian and the Jew will be busy fighting each other for a piece. Meanwhile the relaxed, alpha WASP who encouraged the Mexican and the Asian to come in sits back and watches in amusement, secure in his position as the lord of the manor, having the middle-management midgets and the brute servants too busy fighting each other?

Why not the "simpler" path of kicking everyone else out and having a pure WASP society? Simple, the WASP has never liked that. He's a pirate and adventurer, and rejoices ruling over others around the world. He brought in the Irish and others because he wanted muscle and labor to populate a continent and an industry that he knew would remain under his command. Even then he used a thin veneer of moral language (the Declaration, etc.) to justify this, and now he uses something only slightly different and only slightly more banal. Anyway, given his character the WASP, if he sees problem populations like Jews and blacks get uppity, he won't turn around now and go prole Kraut and feed them to the woodchipper...that's not his style. He'll just bring hordes of carefully selected others in, to "divide and conquer" ...meanwhile he keeps labor cheap, and he keeps management even more obedient and antlike than before...the Asian as a more supine and mediocre manager and professional than the Jew...

Further: extend this to the world; the WASP funds the Muslim and uses him as muscle against the Russian and the Chinese; then he turns around and uses the Indian and the Israeli against the Muslim, etc.

Bronze Age Pervert

Nic please change "white" to "WASP" in the title...


Yes, I have come to the same conclusion. It's not "suicidal ideation" (some would say " parasitic castration " by Jews), nor is it a gigantic SWPL status-seeking put-on or tongue-in-cheek Trading Places- type deal. The real elites (not the storefront mannequins) were never unseated ... they are forging a new Raj in which they will rule as living gods over mongrelized mud pepo a hundred times more rootless, hence tractable, than the lowest loin-clothed Gond or Munda. Deindustrialization and sub-replacement birth rates are part of the plan, these things follow from the most heartfelt of conservation ethics ... someday there will be great hunting estates in the Rust Belt, beautiful lodges of fragrant wood in the heart of a lovingly rewilded tallgrass prairie, with pure Red Indian attendants and mahouts, utterly authentic. As for the heathen Chinee etc., they barely merit mention -- yet more Hindoo clerks in Mombasa.

The dream of the White Highlands was only ever quiescent. But this time ... the world!

Niccolo and Donkey
Bronze Age Pervert

Maybe Byssus is correct when using the term 'Raj' as your theory can be perceived as a Global Raj. Post-British Empire writ large.