Jewpreme Court individual mandate ruling

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LA replies: [​IMG]

Since the Congress can now command citizens to do anything the Congress wants, since America as a republic under a government of limited powers is now officially dead, therefore conservatism, which if it means anything means support for that republic of limited powers , is now also dead. For conservatives to continue to support the constitution means supporting a leftist government with unlimited powers. Therefore the only meaningful form that conservatism can now take is counterrevolution , which means: opposition to the lawless regime that America now is, and the declared intent to overthrow it . Any “conservatism” short of counterrevolution is simply subscription to, loyalty to, patriotism to, obedience to, a leftist unlimited state.​

Aditya B. writes: :murali:

I’m sure a million readers have already forwarded diverse links to the same item .​

Check & Mate. It’s over. Now there’s nothing left to conserve. The only reason left to fight is a sense of duty, a dharma, if you will.​

Nothing we say or do will make the slightest difference anymore. We have lost. There is nothing left to conserve. This nation is now, formally, a Socialist state.​

My nightmare has come true. In all seriousness, I am contemplating returning to Hindustan as there is no point grinding my fingers to the bone to support the twenty-million plus Mestizo invaders who will rush to take advantage of this system . It doesn’t matter how hard I work, I will never enjoy a decent middle class existence. Nor will I ever have the satisfaction of living in a proud, self-reliant nation.​

There is an invisible hand guiding these affairs. The majority vote was cast by a man (Roberts) who was opposed by the man who proposed this bondage (Obama). There is a higher power at work here and it alone knows what terrors and misery it holds in store for these United States. I hope your readers pray for the health of this nation, for their neighbors and friends, and for themselves.​

The U.S. is on its way out. We are a soft, sinful, decadent and spent nation. And the Gods of Copybook Headings are on their way.​

Robert B. writes:

This whole scenario is eerily similar to the about face that the SCOTUS did in 1938 after being threatened by FDR. Obama has been threatening Roberts for three years. Even more bizarre is how Ginzburg was chortling last week that everyone was going to be surprised at the realignment of the votes.​

We have, as I stated earlier, crossed the Rubicon.​

Jeanette V. writes: :ameritard:

I don’t even recognize this country. The USA no longer exists. The Supreme’s decision was the final nail in the coffin. As for me the 4th of July will be a time of great sadness. I’m afraid I don’t have even have it in me to place my hand over my heart when the national anthem plays.​

James R. writes:

Now conservatives and “conservatives” get to put your hopes in voting for Romney (R—Ruling Class) and that he and other functionaries will not only put real effort behind repealing it, but will nominate better justices.​

As for me I’ve had enough with being Charlie Brown to these Lucy-types. I have Chief Justice Roberts to thank for liberating me from the last argument I took seriously for casting my vote for the lesser of two evils: “What about the courts? You don’t want to let the liberals pack the Court with anti-constitutional “Living Constitution” commissars, do you?”​

No, but what is worse than that, is having “the most Conservative Court Ever” do what the Left—the E.J. Dionne’s of the world—think is the proper role of conservatism: giving cover to the advances of leftism and making leftist ideology into a “bipartisan consensus” that only “fringe ideologues and ignorant rednecks in flyover country could possibly disagree with,” because, after all, “even people like Roberts (and Romney back when he was Governor) agree.”​

LA writes:

As for John Roberts, see what I was saying about him at the time of his nomination in 2005. I said he was a liberal.​

Niccolo and Donkey

lets flag in the legal eagles

Bob Dylan Roof

I haven't read the tl;dr opinion yet, but supposedly this is a surreptitious win for Conservatives because Roberts further restricted the scope of the Commerce Clause, to the benefit of our "sovereign" bankrupt states. All of that appears to be really fascinating and important until you realize just how intellectually impoverished mainstream jurisprudence is. Approaches to constitutional construction are almost universally arbitrary, especially "conservative" approaches like textualism, strict constructivism, and original intent. Consequently, legal interpretations of the Constitution are usually nothing more than rationalizations designed to conceal political goals, romantic obsessions with the past, or theological orientations. This has been known and repeated by philosophers and jurists for thousands of years.

It's unfortunate that the legal questions, which are of very little import, detract from the far more pressing political and institutional implications of decisions like this. Notice that American conservatives completely fail to comprehend the absurdity evidenced in their reliance upon the decisions of a Court that mediates disputes between itself (the Federal Government) and sovereign states. Indeed, it is apparently "conservative" and in the tradition of "classical republicanism" to pine for a more conservative Supreme Court that will, in its sovereign beneficence, protect the independence of the states. To normal people not enthralled by constitutional romanticism or misled by the sophistry of the Founding Fathers, a system where a Federal Government guarantees the sovereignty of its subject states is antithetical to a system that recognizes the sovereignty of the subject states. The closest analogue to such a system was the classical international law of absolutist Europe, wherein Great Powers guaranteed the borders of neutral and irrelevant nations. A small-state "conservatism" that relies on the Federal Government to protect its interests is a self-contradictory ideology.

I wish conservatives would come away from these rulings with a healthy disrespect for the American system of government. Instead, they keep coming back for more, as if the history of the American government was not literally a continuous expansion of Federal Power and a reciprocal decline of individual state power.

Bronze Age Pervert

America will degenerate into Balkanization, but small republics will endure, whether on the Swiss or the city-state model!!

You will be Doge of Miami...