Mursi Wants Egyptian-Iranian Strategic Ties

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I predicted an Ikhwani-Iranian alliance on the basis of their shared opposition to Israel, the US, and Britain. As Ikhwani regimes rise across the Arab world they will orbit around Erdogan's Turkey and Ahmadinejad's Iran, a binary solar system that'll edge out the GCC, US, and EU for hegemony. The Sinai and Gaza Strip will become for Israel as Southern Lebanon has become a militarized haven for Jihadist militia, and under an Ikhwani regime in Damascus so too will Daraa, Qatana, and Zabani along the Golan Heights.

The opposition in Syria promised Russia that their rise would not change their relations with Moscow. If Russia, China, and Iran are confident that a change of rule in Damascus will not put Syria in the NATO camp, they'll be willing to cut off Assad for his failure to effectively administer Syria as their proxy and they'll hand the job to Ikhwan.
This also makes it so that Hamas doesn't have to choose between their old friends in Iran and their Ikhwani cousins in the Arab world. They can have both. It'll also ensure Hezbollah's survival, because the Syrian government Baathist Alawites or not, will still be behind them.


Or not?
Either Fars or Mursi has lied. They both have a history of it.

Let's flag in the legal eagles: