Why male circumcision is a good thing for your child

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From the CDC http://www.cdc.gov/hiv/resources/factsheets/circumcision.htm

Circumcision lowers the risk of HIV infection.

Circumcision also reduces the risk of other STDs.

How does circumcision affect the economy? less STDs = less medical costs

Circumcision reduces the risk of prostate cancer

Thankfully most americans are smart enough to get the cut. Sadly the same can't be said for here in Canada. But why does America have a higher STD rate than Canada and Europe? It could be that their universal health care system reduces the incidence of STD infections

For example if i got the clap today I could go to the clinic tomorrow and get cured free of charge the same can't be said for americans where clinical costs and pharmacological costs could run you into the thousands.

I have a friend who had his circumcision when he was 21 because his foreskin kept tearing during sex. The cost of the operation was much much more expensive (and painful) had he had when he was younger.

Does circumcision effect sexual performance? not in the slightest.

How does male circumcision look around the world? Well, the middle east, which has an almost 100% circumcision rate has a lower HIV rate than Northern Europe, a region with 1st world health care and education but where male circumcision is non-existent.
Niccolo and Donkey
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No it isn't. Its like saying shaving is facial mutilation.

and as these studies (26 large studies actually spanning 2 decades conducted by the CDC, WHO and UNAIDS in fact) have proven circumcised men have clear hygienic and medical advantage over non-circumcised men.

the data doesn't lie bro.
Niccolo and Donkey
No thanks. I'm very happy with my foreskin.

niccolo is very happy with his smegma-covered anteater cock :thumbsdown:

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I took it pretty seriously when I first heard the anti-circumcision argument, but men who've been circumcised as adults and polled answer that sex is no less pleasurable and in rarer cases more pleasurable. The men who are unsatisfied with their circumcisions are the ones who want more taken off or had way too much removed.

If I should ever have to make the choice, I won't have an infant circumcised because;
-He can get it done later in his life if he decides to for whatever reason. If I make the decision for him he might resent it, the way he might resent it if I bound and reshaped his skull as an infant.
-The doctor can fuck it up. An infection or complicated healing and he really can be left sexually deficient.
-The HIV and hygiene concern is easily addressed by daily washing and rubbers.

Whigger nationalist

When I was in my late teens I had a sexual experience with an uncircumcised penis that has traumatized me for the rest of my life.

I was young and inexperienced and when I realized the fishy horror in store for me and I was too afraid/shy to say “stop”. This is why you should wait until your old enough to have sex. Now that I’m older, I would never subject myself to calamari genitals EVER. This man who we’ll call “Jzanthapus” was very clean. His best friend claimed that Jzanthapus showered often and it was obvious that this was true. His hair was always styled his and clothes were clean but for some reason when he took his pants off it had the pungent smell of a fisherman’s Warf that permeated the entire room. No smell on earth since then has ever compared to Jzanthapus’s trout scented penis; and I work in an embalming unit, so I’m quite able to put up with bad odors! To make it worse there was fucking smegma. SMEGMA. I thought things like this only happened in horror movies or Japanese porn. I was terrified. I could never look at this person the same after this happened. I’ve seen pictures of him since then and all I could think about is how his penis smelled liked “microwaved cod”. I was tested after we had sex as was he and they both came back negative for STD’s so that ruled out the possibility of it smelling foul because of infection. I did have the opportunity to speak with an ex girlfriend of his and she also claimed to have experienced a filthy odor. And they had sex ALL THE TIME. Several times a day. Actually, Jzanthapus had several beautiful girlfriends around that time. I could never understand this. I only hooked up with him once and vowed never to be in that position again, but how did he continue to land a series of beautiful girls when sucking his dick was like appearing on an episode of fear factor?

I never ever went out with someone who was not circumsized again. I’m sorry but it’s a deal breaker for me. I don’t care how clean you are.

Can someone please tell me that all uncircumcised dicks are not like this? Please tell me that he showered but obviously did not wash his penis as well as he should have. Can someone explain to me why this happened/


I remember IRL talking about circumcision seriously exactly two times, once with a veteran pediatrician who had sliced so much shaft he could build enough 'skinbabies to fill a maternity ward and once with an ex-mennonite philandering man-eater with no talent. Both doctors, though she was a DO instead of an MD.

The ped, who had obviously had this conversation countless times with patients and students alike, coldly went through the available studies and had concluded that most of the benefits of circumcision were first theorized and then vigorously sought out. He said the pros/cons were a wash because so much time and effort has been devoted to perfecting the craft of circumcision that even in modernity the risks of disfigurement and death (does happen) are considered acceptable. His final judgement rested on the fact that due to still-present risks of the procedure he would not have it done to his own child.

His take on the pattern of research justifying cutting was fresh for me. People will find something-anything-to prove the orthodoxy right because their existence only makes sense with the orthodoxy being the one true moral authority, the same way people justify their penchant for tattoos, sodomy, deep dish pizza... The cannot tolerate the possibility of being wrong so they will attack nonbelievers.

Imagine the ease of justifying even outrageous cultural norms like cutting off all the hair on one's head. You can come up with a really strong case if you completely ignore the fact that people prefer individuality and, despite rhetoric from ebook sensationalists, most use hygenic product on the hair. You'd have a zero percent rate of lice infection in a hairless society, and all hair related diseases/psychological disorders would be forgotten. But that society would look ridiculous. They might also lol at societies who cut their kids dicks apart. What would a debate about the merits of this cutural practice look like, within the society?

A: I don't understand why we do this shit, it's ridiculous that we put ourselves through this.
B: I bet you didn't expect having to argue with an intellectual. Let me show you a bunch of data about the hair disease rates in hair-having societies.
A: You've posted that before and I still insist that people wouldn't even mind because they'd enjoy life more with a full head of hair that they can style etc
B: You obviously haven't smelled hair - it's disgusting, vile. My friend ventured to that one place where they don't cut hair. He said this one woman's hair was matted, smelly, and awful. It was infested with bugs and she didn't wash it! Look here's a picture.
A: Ok but going by your logic why don't we just cut our babies' foreskin off at birth because we can't trust them to maintain basic hygeine and have safe sex
B: Just lol at your false equivalency, babies die from that procedure and it's not the same thing at all you imbecile

The whore lady cited religion as her justification and had obviously never had to argue in favor of it because it was all that she knew. She was under the impression that everyone was in perpetual agreement with her thoughts. She didn't want to talk about it and was really shaken up about the interaction for the rest of the day.


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