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Post your favorite music blogs with a brief description of the genres offered. Preferably link blogs with downloadable albums and/or mp3s.


20 Jazz Funk Greats

Named after the Throbbing Gristle album, this blog regularly features mp3s of dark electro, coldwave, Tangerine Dream-esque ambient and the occasional krautrock jams.

The Lost Turntable

Remixes and B sides of more mainstream pop and rock acts, generally from the 1980s. Old school hip hop and early 1990s IDM is posted fairly often as well. Unfortunately, the links have expired on most of the older posts.

Blog to the Old Skool

Jungle and hardcore from 1991 to 1995.

The Cargo Culte

For some reason the most recent posts are just images. Nevertheless, check out the archives for post rock, dark ambient, metal, hard rock and punk.

Feel My Bicep

Mostly house music from all eras but it's not uncommon to find cold synth gems and decent techno sets.


French language blog with pictures of model babes and contemporary electronic dance music.

My own personal favorites:


mp3's of modern french house, and electronic dance, chillwave, and some indie thrown in

Harder Blogger Faster

french house and similar genres


modern indie, shoegaze, and post-punk from around the world. provides entire albums. blog is entirely in spanish

Phoenix Hairpins

old school rare goth, synth, and post-punk albums & singles available in their entirety

Mutant Sounds
blog that I've visited for years. all sorts of rarities from the 60's, 70's, and 80's and spans multiple genres: krautrock, psychedelic, post-punk, electronic, synth, new-wave, and all kinds of experimental music

7'' from the underground

no-wave, synth, post-punk, industrial, goth, and cold wave rarities alongside modern groups

The Gutterbreakz Archives

archive of a currently dead blog about hardware related to electronic music. has lots of interesting links for those interested in the production of electronic music along with music clips and reviews

sound of young scotland

for those interested in the great music that came out of Scotland in the 80's. includes the likes of Josef K, Orange Juice, Aztec Camera, Postcard Records albums, etc.

A Viable Commercial

more obscure post-punk albums and singles from the 80's available for download. all out of print.

the Coldtears

Italian blog providing downloads from electronic and cold wave music long out of print from around the world

80's Greek Post punk-New Wave

title description. haven't checked out this blog too much, and I'm not too familiar with any Greek post-punk music besides Alive She Died



The following are more second tier music blogs. If one spends some time searching through them they can find some real gems.

Winnie Cooper

Vancouver based blog offers contemporary indie pop, synth pop and hip hop.


Rare and forgotten records. Sortable by genre.

The Mod Pop Punk Archives

Extensive catalogue of Mod revival and early pop punk (think the Undertones or the Buzzcocks.)

Niccolo and Donkey

This is good stuff.


Excellent Youtube channel:

I strongly recommend checking the music on this channel out. It has lots of artists that are making interesting and unorthodox music coupled with vintage film visuals. Easy way to keep on top of what's new and worth listening to in electronic music.


A few I found recently:


Electronic stuff. Mostly electroclash and IDM.

Waves at Night

New electronic dance music.

Art Decade

Eclectic mix of post punk, blues rock, 1970s soul and the occasional indie rock tune.

el greco