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Bob Dylan Roof

On the dumb stereotypes - NO WORSE THAN THAT, DUMB MOVIE STEREOTYPES - of Air Bud.

This is worse than the spergfest concerning the accuracy of Prometheus over at Sailer's blog.

Sailer's top movies of the year:
Transformers 3
The Avengers
Herbert Shitcock

LOL honestly that guy is a fucking homo and if I ever meet him I will beat the shit out of him

Everyone of his posts on MPC I've pledged to disrespect and I'm gonna drive him off that forum

President Camacho

LOL I haven't seen Promo yet but this guy thinks "The Avengers" was better? Avengers literally is a jew comic book adaptation... and not just any jew comic book adaptation but a DUMB jew comic book adaptation.

Bob Dylan Roof

Free legal advice from MPC


fuck thats a lot of words about a movie in which the central plot device is LITERALLY ALIEN SPERM BIOWEAPON.

Ben S. Kanake

mpc is getting really dense with posts like that and i can't read them now that pman disabled the "print post" feature.

don't worry my school paid for all the printing charges. even the highlighters i got them for free.