Rafael Nadal Asserts his Power!

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Bronze Age Pervert

Rafael Nadal just defeated Ferrer 6-2 6-2 6-1 at Roland Garros in a display of physical and psychological superiority! It was a complete victory!! After the game Nadal took his shirt off and the sportscasters noted his "intimidating body" ...he kept his shirt off for a long time, as Ferrer walked clothed off the field in disgrace!! It was a primal display of dominance over Ferrer, who will now turn full gay!!!

I'm writing a letter to Nadal, that I want to market his sweat to rich ladies for a very high price, as a perfume!


It was amusing to see how reluctantly the frenchies clapped after every point Nadal scored. They are tired of being humilliated year after year in their own country by a spaniard.

Bronze Age Pervert
They were also going wild with cheering when the "French" half-breed Tsonga was fighting Djokovic...then the Balkanoid ended up winning the set and trounced the monkey in the last match and they all quietly left the stadium...it was a pleasure to see.