The Cognitive Dissonance of MPC: Autistic Fags in Denial

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So there you have it. A forum for IT guys who pretend to be ''cage fighters'' and bodybuilders on the internet that stickies endless discussions of ''My Little Ponies'' cartoons, critiques of fat girls' wedding plans, and paranoid rants about some random expat loser named ''Hangly'' has decided everybody else are ''nerds'' and ''goons''.

''Bros - I was hitting the weights today and reading the Green Lantern in between sets - those motherfucking nerds at Marvel Comics made the Lantern a fag! I'll bet it was some goon like Hangly who made the decision to do this! Or maybe liberal Nazis! or the fucking Jews who took away my butt plug and prevented me from getting a raise at my help desk job!''

''When goons or Hangly or librul fascists try to gay up my cartoons and my cage fighting, I reach for my motherfucking browning and start carefully targeting liberal fascists...''
Niccolo and Donkey
President Camacho

I'm not exactly sure what is so funny to the MPC folks about that those posts they are quoting from... Are they trying to say that getting jumped or being on the losing end of a fight makes you a dork or something? Or are they arguing that these are "tough guy" tall tales? I don't see anything extraordinary about that salo thread they linked to except BAP's poast, but then again anything can happen in the CITY OF GOD.

This is sort of a recurring theme when I look at MPC threads... their people like to posture as nihilists by reacting to ordinary discussion with raucous laughter. Like a bunch of epileptics or something.


They're part of some weird internet subculture - thus the fixation with ''nerds'' and ''goons'' and things nobody outside of that whole milieu knows/cares about.

Its like on WN boards when guys will chimp on people and claim they're acting like Harold Covington, even though nobody outside of the WN ghetto knows/cares who Covington is.

To a forum of guys who spend their time deconstructing fans of ''My Little Ponies'', everybody they don't like is a fan of Pony cartoons or steampunk or pokemon or some other bizarro fetish.

''What! You got in a fight in high school?!? I'll bet you think you're Hangly and you love Star Wars!''


Is MPC are a rival street gang and are they cooler than us?

Niccolo and Donkey

If there are Otherkin over there I'm signing up right away.

gus vasa

That forum has such a collection of passive aggressive queers. It is like getting into an argument with gay VNN hipsters.

In all honesty I think that mod is just trying to recover his manhood after the rogering Thomas gave him on his own site.