My Banned Roommate Ad

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Bronze Age Pervert

This is why I can't find a fucking apt. or roommate in Jew Dork, either I reply to ads and they sense I'm not like them, or I try to place my own ads, like this, but it gets taken down within hours and BANNED:

(I edited the age...)

Bob Dylan Roof

Why was that removed? I suggest making an account at the forum.

Bronze Age Pervert
I suppose because it's apparently "discriminatory" and it's illegal to place ads like that...yes, even when looking for a roommate.
blaq ghetto orgies

maybe its because ur
creepy ad makes u sound like a possible sex offender u twee cunt
"fit guyth who are up for an ocasional wrestling match" lol :oops:

Watermelon Farmer

Salutations James!

I take it the glove factory didn't work? Alistair's estate has been settled, at last, and though his barrister gets its cut, along with the mollusks, he's left everything to you, to start a Foundation for Aryan Futurism. Please contact me if you're looking for a media guru.


Niccolo and Donkey
Niccolo and Donkey