street fights?

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Anyone ever been in a street fight? If so, how recently and what happened?


When I was 14. I kneed the guy in the balls, and while his friends laughed I got on my bike and rode away REAL FAST.


My father is infinitely tougher than I am, having grown up in the realest shit he was in knees-and-elbows fights since he was a little boy, and continued to have street fights into his late 30's but slowed down in his 40's. I've never been in a fight that broke skin. He on the other hand has repeatedly left guys in puddles of their own fluids. Part of my discipline as a yoof was knowing what he can do to a man and not wanting to piss him off.

Bob Dylan Roof

i was at the national alliance -- antifa brawl

(i was one of the waiters)


Got into it about three years ago, doesn't qualify as breaking news.

My brother and I were walking out of a bar, I politely asked a girl if she could move off the bar stool for a second, she was sitting on my coat. This girl was all sorts of fucked up, she got up, brother and I exited the bar. Out comes a little midget man, looked like he worked out, asking what I said to his friend. I told him I asked her to move, he said I called her a slut.

I told him to go back into the bar and be with his friends, he didn't want to mess with us. He turned around and said "fucking pussies", my brother said "What did you say?" in a menacing tone. He comes running up, takes a swing at me and missed, I grabbed him by the neck in a reverse headlock and dropped him DDT style into the sidewalk. I had a bad recovery, he managed to get on top of me, visibly stunned, forehead scraped and oozing blood. I put both of my hands around his neck and strangled him, told him not to mess with us, go back in the bar now. He just kind of sat on top of me, my brother started dropping elbows into his kidneys.

Dude jumped off me after that, I punched him hard in the mouth, tore up my knuckles, my brother got a good punch into his gut. At this time, the bouncer noticed what was going on, came up behind the little scrapper, put him in a headlock and told us to beat it. We went on our merry way. End

Same as my dad, who had Scottish ghetto training in one of the worst parts of Glasgow - probably around 5'6" but was fighting even into his late '30s, maybe even early '40s, when he was a sargeant. The one time I got really sassy with him (at around 15) he slammed me against the wall by the throat and held me there. My fights as a kid? Slap fighting in comparison.

When I was 17, this half-Spic guy I vaguely knew and his friends beat the shit out of me and left me in a condo parking lot. He had a thing for my gf and I took exception to it - he didn't say anything to me, he just hit he real hard then his two friends started kicking me. I never got a shot off. I got a concussion and a busted up face but I recovered ok.

When I was 24 I was working doors at this bar in the Loop that catered to a lot of tourist trash/conventioneers. At last call I turned off the tvs, as was par for the course. This lardass in a cheap suit in his 40s or 50s who was drunk out of his mind slurs at me, ''I was watching that'' and starts acting all tough. I asked the floor guy to help me remove him in case the patron's friends decided to make an issue of it. We pulled him outside and his friends got all apologetic, but the guy wouldn't shut up, so we beat him for awhile b/c he wouldn't stop talking. In hindsight, we were being dicks and just venting frustration. Not really a ''fight'' - more just beating up on a guy who was looking for a problem.

When I was 27 I was leaving an after-hours bar with my jackass friend who'd been a collegiate wrestler and who I used to flip gear with now and again out of the gym we both worked at. This Black guy knocked into us real hard, my friend said, ''watch it, nigger'' - the Black guy started mouthing off and my friend just pounced on him and started lighting him up. These yuppies on the street started threatening to call the cops - I realized we were looking at a hate crime beef that would make the evening news, so I ran about three blocks then hopped in a cab. Not really a fight, more me being an accessory to a battery/''hate crime''.

There were some other incidents, but these are the ones that stand out.

Bronze Age Pervert

My last real streetfight was when I hired 50 off-duty cops in Rio (it was going for only about R$50/day per man back then) and took them to a place called Nova Iguaçu on the outskirts of the city, a poor and criminal suburb. The purpose was to recover something that belonged to me, which had been taken by one of the local crime bosses going by the nickname of "Shit Rocket." As I strutted with my posse down the middle of one of the main "streets," the locals looked at me in amazement, and closed their shutters and scurried behind doors and stacked-up tires. Suddenly a few dozen men opened fire on us from the roofs on both sides, but I was prepared for this ambush...what Shit Rocket didn't realize is that his right-hand man was really my man, so as we took cover, a smaller party outflanked the assailants and gunned them down with Uzis.

Shit Rocket and two of his henchmen were burned later that night inside car tires as the whole neighborhood watched...they needed to see you don't mess with me...I provided them with a spectacle of terror to remember.

I carried off the artefact for myself, and rewarded my top lieutenants with Shit Rocket's women and cash.


Not a street fight per se but the last real fight I had was about 10 years ago when a buddy and I got invited by another buddy to some other dude's bachelor party. These guys were real hicks out in the sticks and this was basically just a kegger in a pole barn with strippers. At the time, my buddies and I were rockabilly punks and walked around looking like demonic greasers out of some '50s B horror flick. Anyway, we show up at this place and it was pretty cool at first, we usually got along pretty good with the shitkicker set but it started going downhill when the strippers, between their "performances", started hanging around and bullshitting with my buddy and I at the keg instead of entertaining the hicks. We were talking about scoring some drugs or something like that and I noticed we were starting to get dirty looks from some of the farmboys and the drunker they got, the more obvious it became they weren't happy that a couple city slickers were having all the fun with the whores they paid for. I sensed things were going downhill quickly and overheard some dude tell another guy they were going to cut the lights and jump us and had just enough time to tell my buddy to watch out as I grabbed him and we backed against the wall and prepared for the worst. Right on cue, the lights go out and I shove the hookers out in front of us, grab my buddy and I'm swinging on people in pitch darkness and, luckily, find an exit pretty quick and we bolt out of there. These guys were too drunk and stupid to plan their attack properly and we got out unscathed. A couple made a half-hearted attempt to chase us down outside but we got to my truck in time and booked. These guys would have fucked us up pretty good, 40 or so on 2, and a bunch of cornfed sumbitches. THAT'S MY STORY.