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You have Anime Avatar Syndrome

President Camacho

Probably would have been diagnosed with ADD as a child, although I think this is only because most of things I am forced to listen to are boring or bullshit... also a sort of Jeckyll and Hyde tug of war between INTP and ENTP personality types (if you believe in the Myers-Briggs model).... this is MAGIAN DUALISM, and perhaps deep down there is a martyr complex involved as well. Desire to conquer the world alternating with a desire to completely withdraw from the world, with neither urge winning through and resulting in a resigned acceptance of internet addiction as therapy for negotiating a Gay Jewish Earth.

Hey - you and me, we bros. I offer you half the world in exchange for your unyielding loyalty in response to the inevitable BAP question.
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Two stubbed toes.

OT Myers-Briggs digression:

I don't believe in the existence of mixed types like xNTP. I think it's just a failure of testing. My results were often ambiguous (INxP) but after delving into the theory more I have definitively identified myself as F, not T.

If you are INTP, your Dominant function is Introverted Thinking, and your Auxiliary is Extraverted Intuition; if ENTP, then Dominant is Extraverted Intuition and Auxiliary is Introverted Thinking. It has to be one way or the other; they don't switch around, as they reflect a developmental sequence in your life (Dominant developed in childhood, Auxiliary in adolescence)- though either can predominate in different circumstances. It's switching between the two main functions that produces the conquer/withdraw syndrome, although it can look like a kind of dual personality. My own INFP type is known for the monk/crusader ambiguity, so maybe INTP does something similar.

I still cannot induce ego death.

The Rambler

Sperg, ADHD, schizotypal, paranoid, narcissist, antisocial, OCD.

Sure I may qualify for a few others, but this about covers the main slew.

Oh, forgot about bigorexia.

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I'm completely sane. It's unbearable.


I'd say Asperger syndrome but I was so autistic that I made it a professional diagnosis just to brag about it on the Internet.


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