Salotrean self-diagnosis thread

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Asperger's autism, body dysmorphic disorder, organic retardation, all of the above -- what's your excuse?

Myself: delusions (?) of grandeur and narcotic fatalism; dopaminergic miswiring and an immense want of intrinsic control that together mean Internut addiction and crippling procrastination -- reflecting-pool opposition to Balzac's Slav, "a strong will acting ceaselessly on a weak character"; a titanic perfectionist's contempt for contamination (which is to say an aversion to movement, irreversible alteration -- commitment to authorship); taqiyya (made worse by pseudonyms and anonymous discussion in stupid venues like this); contempt for what comes most easily to me, I long to be cruel -- first and most intensely to myself. (And worse, too, for sure.)


I am a very talented individual. I really should stay away from this den of psychos, whackos and aspergians.



blaq ghetto orgies

im 23 but i still get big fat zits but its cool because i like popping them aye


BDD cru


I'm afraid of heights

Bob Dylan Roof

i'm gay


People bully me.


micropenis :(

Lone Wolf

I'm OCD for sure, but I also have something else wrong with my mind -- It's either Paranoid Schizophrenia or Aspergers Syndrome. I don't whats wrong my mind -- all I know is I'm not normal and can't function well in this society.