Graphic film on female sex tourists cheered in Cannes

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Niccolo and Donkey
Graphic film on female sex tourists cheered in Cannes


May 18, 2012

A graphic, unflinching look at the delicate interplay of desire, money and power among European women sex tourists and African gigolos hit the screen yesterday in the Cannes contender "Paradise: Love".

Austrian director Ulrich Seidl, who scandalised cinema's top international showcase five years ago with another take on rich and poor and the sex trade, "Import/Export", this time turns his camera on women as the consumers.

"Paradise: Love" stars Margarethe Tiesel as Teresa, a 50-year-old Viennese single mother of an insolent teenage daughter who needs a break from it all, in a breakout performance cheered by audiences here.

She sets off alone to the white sandy coast of eastern Kenya where she falls in with a group of "sugar mamas", fellow middle-aged women who feel neglected at home and seek the attention of much younger local men in exchange for cash.

"It is about female loneliness that takes hold when you reach a certain age and no longer look like someone from an advert," Tiesel told reporters.

"The exploited begin to exploit in a place where they have power. I don't judge these women, I understand them and I understand completely what they struggle with."

Tiesel, an accomplished stage actress in her first major film role, appears nude through much of the picture and has various on-screen couplings with Kenyan "beach boys" that leave little to the imagination.

She said her faith in Seidl as a director gave her the confidence to expose herself to such an extent.

"Ulrich told me from the beginning, 'Nothing will happen that you don't want to happen, Frau Tiesel'," she said.

Teresa begins tentatively at first, breaking off a tryst with an insistent lover when he goes too fast for her.

But she soon meets Munga (Peter Kuzungu), a dreadlocked charmer and a willing student in the ways of Western seduction.

However as their affair continues, his demands for money become more frequent as he describes the plight of his poor "sister" and her baby.

When Teresa finds out the woman is actually his wife, she flies into a jealous rage and beats him in front of the other guests on the hotel's palm-lined beach.

Duped and disappointed, she steels herself to ferociously pursue beach boys with little regard for their dignity, or her own.

Seidl, one of 22 directors competing for the top prize at Cannes this year -- all of them men, said many Western women were looking for more than a holiday fling, a key difference to male sex tourism in developing countries.

"This is about our society in the first place and asking why women like Teresa find themselves so lonely. They go to these places where they think they can get what they need -- their desire for happiness, sexuality and tenderness," he said.

"Women from the rich West exploit young African men. But it's also a business, and they (the men) get something for it."

"Paradise" revisits ground covered in the trailblazing 2005 film "Heading South" starring Charlotte Rampling and set in a Haitian resort but critics hailed a fresh approach to the rich subject matter.

"Import/Export" dealt with women from the former Soviet Union working in the West as prostitutes and featured a notorious scene in which an amateur actress performed on-screen oral sex on an actor after being made to crawl on all-fours and bark like a dog.

Some critics hailed the work as a brilliant take on the commoditisation of the human body under modern capitalism but the Hollywood Reporter notably dismissed the Cannes competition entry as a "tawdry little film".

Niccolo and Donkey

I didn't know if it was, but I googled it and Seidl is indeed a Yiddish surname.

Amazing, it's like William Pierce knew everything. Nothing he said was an exaggeration, the world and Jews really are precisely as he presented them.

Seidl's got another movie about Jesus. I don't have to guess its content and I haven't seen it.

Team Zissou

I hope they all get roasted on spits.


Middle-aged Swedish ladies prefer Gambia.

Tell me more.
You're one of the reasons that I keep coming back to this forum. It's somehow refreshing to hear salient truths well articulated by a friendly non-Westerner. Or at least insightful and honest non-Westerner. Whichever you may be--possibly, hopefully both. I enjoy your posts at any rate. You should never have been "stickniggered" at that other forum.

William Pierce's thesis is that nothing will change in the West until the ownership of the mainstream media changes. I agree with that, but I don't believe most people, even those in the so-called "intelligentsia" have come to grips with this truth. In fact, it's the intelligentsia-types who are farther off the plantation of common-sense than say, "Joe Six-pack". Joe Six-packs, even here in liberal New England, know that the proposition of their mothers flying abroad and paying for sex with Negroes in foreign lands would be bizarre, scandalous, and shameful. It's not something they would brag about. So all is not loss; the point it to depose the Jews and the degenerates who serve them.

Everyone responsible for this Cannes debacle should be tried for racial and cultural treason.
nuclear launch detected
Bob Dylan Roof

The liblogic is impressive here.

Men from the rich West exploit young Eastern European/African/Thai/Vietnamese women. But it's also a business, and they (the women) get something for it.

Men from the rich West exploit children in the third world. But it's also a business, and they (the children) get something for it.

Therefore, a documentary about western homosexual exploitation of third-world children would be worthy of Tiesel's empathy, right?

When engorged, dissolute rich white women exploit the third world for sex, a film on the subject is not a "tawdry" take on prostitution but rather a compelling, if morally ambiguous, take on female empowerment.
Those poor men. They could be chopping off hands for diamonds, cruel but dignified. Yet here they are collecting pennies from the fat old refuse of the West. They should envy their cousins, who their forefathers sold across the ocean for firearms.