Sino-Soviet Border Conflict (Soviets Almost Nuked China)

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Russians must be kicking themselves now, that they didn't do this when they should have (the late 1960s). This picture explains why:

(The characters on the map say "China" in Chinese.)
Niccolo and Donkey

There's also this other source (the book "A Great Wall: Six Presidents and China"):

President Camacho
I think the Paki-Indian border clashes in recent years would also qualify, although these two sissies fight skirmishes in the mountains precisely because they're terrified of an all-out ground war.
That's interesting... I don't really think America would have cared if the USSR nuked China; it would have welcomed it. In fact the nuclear destruction of China would have opened up the DOD's eyes to the flaws of the "domino theory", which presupposed a monolithic "Communist Front".

Nixon of course was the first US President who exploited the obvious rift between the USSR and China with his brilliant (strategically speaking) diplomatic trip to the latter country at the tail end of the Vietnam War. Though it would have been nicer if the rift was exploited by the Soviets consuming the Chinese in nuclear fire.
Don Johnson

I thought this was well known.

This wasn't the first time China almost got nuked. MacArthur wanted to nuke China during the Korean War.

Chia Chu
In 1960, Kennedy wanted to use nuclear weapons and bomb China. Russia refused to support it.

In 1969, Russia wanted to use nuclear weapons and bomb China. America balked.

Do not worry. China will not be reciprocating for as long as it can build its economy and freely operate in the South China Sea.