'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul Robbed Twice in New Mexico While Shooting His Show

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Hahahaha, scurry back to LA, phaggot whigger pheeb wanna-bee. Can't hang in the 505, bitch!
Bronze Age Pervert

Why is ABQ so dangerous? Is it the Apocalypto pepo?

I don't like this guy...I'd beat him up if I saw him...also, how does he let himself get robbed...he must be a slave.


The southwestern states will only avoid becoming literal hellholes by seceding from the union in a manner akin to Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence . From there they can function as the settler states they were founded as while still retaining beneficial trade agreements with the United States despite being free of Federal oversight.


Bobby Bermuda

I like Breaking Bad. What's wrong with it?