Security Companies, the New Warrior Class

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Security Companies, the New Warrior Class
by Freeman: Alles Schall und Rauch: Sicherheitsfirmen, die neue Krieger-Klasse

Translated by Michael Colhaze

As I have stated repeatedly, the Western societies are systematically converted into three classes, just as happened towards the end of ancient Rome or in Japan during the time of the Samurai. Today it is the financial crisis that facilitates the redistribution of wealth from the bottom towards the top. The three classes are: the 99% who own nothing (the slave class), the 1% is who own everything (the hostile elite class) and the warrior class, which protects the elite from the slaves and is waging war for them.

The motto of Blackwater is more than a mockery:


Today the privatization of wars by means of outscouring has developed into a gigantic security industry. It has created companies who run private mercenary armies, such as Blackwater, which, due to its bad reputation, was first re-named Xe Services and currently styles itself most beautifully as Academi. The U.S. State Department employs in Afghanistan and the Iraq more mercenaries than the Pentagon keeps regular soldiers in both countries. The numbers are in the hundreds of thousands, and thus no less than a gigantic business deal with death.

Between 1994 and 2007 the United States has underwritten at least 3600 contracts for a total of 300 billion U.S. dollars doled out to twelve private U.S. military companies.

The April issue of Harpers Magazine published an article by Charles Glass on the emergence and tremendous growth of private security agencies since 9/11 with the title “The Warrior Class: The golden age of professional soldiers. “

At the end of this article there is a series of videos that former employees of Blackwater have leaked to Charles Glass. One of them is dated 1th April 2006 and taken from passenger seat of the fourth car of a convoy. Glass describes what can be seen as follows:

“While driving on a wide Boulewad in Baghdad, the first vehicle swings close to the edge of a road island. A woman in a black burqa is about to cross the road too. The vehicle rams the woman and hurls her lifeless body into the gutter. The cars slow down briefly, but do not stop. None of the passengers care whether the woman is dead or alive. Someone is heard saying ‘Oh my God!’ No one calls for help by radio. Most revolting, the picture is underlied with the song of AC/DC, Thunderstruck! ”

Glass writes that the video ends with the message: “In support of security, peace, freedom and democracy everywhere.”

This is a compilation of Blackwater videos which the criminals took themselves while driving through Baghdad. You can see how they shoot at every car that they deem too close. Either they open the doors and fire at everything that moves, or do the same from heliocopters. It’s unbelievable how arrogantly and criminally these paid mercenaries act against the Iraqi civilian population, deliberately killing innocent people.

The use of private mercenary armies allows the West to carry out world-wide imperialist “interventions” without showing their own flag. This is the means by which criminal governments can wage subversive wars without any approval from their own parliaments or any control by the media and international organizations. [Ed.: Right now there is evidence they are operating in Syria on behalf of the rebels.] They cannot be held accountable for their crimes and are not covered by any international Convention.

The Western armies produce the necessary manpower at a frightening pace. The British army alone dismisses 20,000 soldiers per year who at the end of their service sell their knowledge of how to kill most effectively for a lot of money to the security companies. About 50 of these companies operate in Afghanistan, meaning that the mercenary industry is booming. Charles Glass writes: “The golden times for freelance soldiers is now and the end is not in sight.”

NATO infiltrated Libya with a mercenary army to hide behind and tell the world hypocritically that “we have no ground troops in action.” Now the same Blackwater terrorists operate on behalf of NATO at the Turkish border, to be trained and then sent to Syria, there to spread havoc, fear and terror.

This fits in with the latest revelation by Seymour Hersh who reported in the magazine The New Yorker that in 2005 American special forces trained members of the exiled Iranian terrorist organization MEK, preparing them to commit contract murders and bomb attacks in Iran.The training happened on American soil, and despite the fact that the MEK is officially long since on the terrorist list of the U.S. State Department.

Small wonder that we, who are constantly being lied to by governments and media alike, feel like throwing up with disgust.




1. I want the casualty figures for these guys. We know how many coalition/NATO soldiers the insurgents have killed and injured because their governments publish their names. These mercs are all in combat roles, often guarding the hottest targets. They must have a big death count, which could also explain why the insurgents claim to kill scores more foreign combatants than are listed publicly.

2. If I were Ayman Al Zawahiri, Bashar Al Assad, Muammar Qaddafi, or any of these mercs' rivals I would have dispatched assassins against their CEO's and chief investors and their families. They've used assassins successfully in the past, why wouldn't they give Mr. Prince the same treatment?

Team Zissou

Given how the USG has pussified the actual military, this is where gung-ho white guys go. When the fiat money runs out, this will backfire badly.

Slightly more difficult target than unarmed dissidents in London or other Western cities (where Gaddafi and Assad's glorious assasins normally work)

As for Qaeda, about the only real high quality assasination they ever pulled off was Massoud, and even then, was in Afghanistan.

Qaeda has never pulled off any assasinations with the daring and technical ability of Irish republicans (the Lord Mountbatten hit or Airey Neave killed in the Commons carpark) or say, the Tamil Tigers ... Rajiv Gandhi goes boom.

Apart from one big showpiece, where they were almost certainly assisted by US/Israeli intelligence (even if they didn't know it) Qaeda is pretty shitty at actually sophisticated operations. They are still at the level of truck bombing markets. Fuck's sake, they think it is an achievement if they manage to set off two bombs at once in a foreign city.

Given the level of funding and the safe areas they've had to operate in, Qaeda are, pound for pound, a really shitty little outfit.

Maybe if they spent less time praying and boyfucking, and more time training and thinking, they'd get results.

Al Qaeda has hit very many important targets via assassination, often changing the course of history.

Apart from mistaking typical Federal half-assery for a conspiracy to aid 9/11, you make a point that AQ doesn't normally hit specific human targets outside the Muslim world... but I simply wonder why. It doesn't have to be 'sophisticated', just looking at the high profile names who've been PIED ( ), it can't be that difficult. Iran used to hit exiled dissidents by just knocking on their front doors and shooting them when they answered.

None of those took place in the kinds of environments any way remotely similar to what they'd need to penetrate to get Xe and Blackwater or whatever they call themselves.

All took place in areas where they were already operating, where security is lax and easily paid off or intimidated. They almost certainly had significant intelliegence service assistance on a few too.

None of them is even remotely comprable with the Tamil Tiger operations deep within enemy territory that killed Indian PM Singh or whatserface, the Sri Lankan Preisdent. Nothing comprable to the INLA operation that killed Airey Neave in the fucking carpark of the House of Commons.

Seriously, can you imagine Qaeda being sophisticated enough to plant a bomb in the White House secure carpark to kill a selected target?

No, they are amateurs.

The idea that Qaeda could assassinate a senior member of the US security establishment, in the very heart of the "secure area", like the INLA did with Airey Neave, or PIRA did with the Brighton Bombing, is a simply laughable.


They do carry out sophisticated hits, taking out the precise CIA team responsible for hunting Zawahiri, and some Black Water guys with them.
I don't know why you suggest they had intelligence service assistance on any of their attacks, no legitimate AQ researcher beyond the realm of Alex Jones has said anything like that. Though they have infiltrated quite a few, including the CIA, ISI, GID, etc.

But that's beside the point. You think killing these men requires something sophisticated. If some dork can pie the top of the PNAC, or Bill Gates, why can't a suicidal fellow just shoot them or detonate himself in some proximity? They can do it, but have decided not to.
Again, that happened on their home turf.

When they can pull that shit off in the US, I'll be impressed.